Creating Rich Interactions Using Blend 4: Transition Effects, Fluid Layout, and Layout States (Silverlight TV #32)

Play Creating Rich Interactions Using Blend 4: Transition Effects, Fluid Layout, and Layout States (Silverlight TV #32)

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    Real nice video presentation...
    Very useful information...

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    When selecting a smaller image and then a bigger one, the bigger one gets cropped before the fluid animation ends

    and also, it doesn't go from small in the list to big in the picture with the right resizing because when arriving in the big picture, there's a final resizing of the image that isn't really fluid !


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    Ben Hayat

    Another great show. Kenny is definetly invited to come back again. Smiley

    Now, I'll be watching his MIX session. Thanks Kenny and SilverMan (John) Smiley

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    It seems that every time I'm looking into something, you create a show on it Big Smile Thanks for another great one, and also your little comments which make me feel better like the one about how do you know you're in the right template -- I thought it was just me that never knew which one I was supposed to edit...


    Thanks again.

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    Thomas Shields

    This is great video, thanks!! I've got a little problem: i used the states thing on a child window, one state has some components of the window visible, the other they're invisible, i used the GoToStateAction on the LayoutRoot, triggered when "Loaded." So far, so good. builds fine. However, when i open the child window in my application, JIT Debugging window pops up and tells me:

    "An exception 'Runtime Error' has occured in Script.

    However, a debugger that cannot handle the exception type is already attached to the process."

    I'm assuming the real "clue" to the problem is the first line...but what's the runtime error? is it because the childwindow already has a built-in animation for its appearance? if so, how do i circumvent this problem? thanks!!

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    Great video! 

    Thanks I am starting to like Expression Blend a good deal.  I was originally a bit overwhelmed by all the features but video demo' s such as these really demonstrate the power and ease of of use without reading an 800 page book.

    Keep them coming.  Big Smile

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    The part with two ListBoxes is very interesting. Good job.


    Is it possible do it without Blend and with minimal code? I look into sample and quantity of XAML code seem to be overwhelming. It is hard to apply this to many many ListBoxes in many places.




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    When you edit ListBoxItemStyle you get








    Whereas I just get





     and I dont get any Layout States section in the States panel.


    Where there any other menu selections that were missed when the vid

    cuts back and forth that wouls account for this? Ive watched this section over and over and cant see what I'm missing. Frustrating.


    Dohh!! I was using WPF. Is this possible in WPF?

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