Learning Silverlight and Blend with .toolbox (Silverlight TV #29)

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The Discussion

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    I have completed the .toolbox courses and strongly recommend them all.  They are a great way to build a basic skill set that allows you to move forward.  As I build more skills, I find myself returning to the lessons as references.

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    Great, didn't know about .toolbox.  Thanks.

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    Neat site. I've wanted to learn more about the theory of design.

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    Nice to see this is available for free, great resources, I can't wait to get starting with the courses

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     Arturo, i wanted to say thanks for you and your team for doing such a great work on Toolbox!

    You sure helped my lacking design skills to be a little bit better Wink

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    Yes, you won't find this somewhere else. Thanks a lot!

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    Thank you for the kind words guys! - Stay tuned because @adkinn Adam Kinney has joined the party and is now a co-owner of .toolbox.  If you are a fan of his work then you can imagine the cool things he'll be bringing into .toolbox shortly.

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