Silverlight TV 24: eBay's Silverlight 4 Simple Lister Application

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    Very nice.  I understand this was developed by really good pros, but I would love to see an example of how to do the transitions from the different screens.  I would like to learn how you go between the screens in the "wizard" type app.  How do you go back if you need to select something else?  Also, show some of the tricks you used in Blend (SketchFlow, Visual State Manager, etc. ) during the project like you demoed during MIX10.  Did you use MVVM to do this?


    Again, great job.

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    Hi Shaggyigi - I'm working with the team to see whast we can show about how some of this was done. Perhaps in a future episode we can dive into this.

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    ... and also how did they make transitions so smooth and they had shading.

    I tried simple transitions in XAML and they were very slow, with Drop Shadow effect it was almost unbearable. 


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    And while we are on the subject, i would love to know how you can design your OOB window chrome to look like this one... its really amazing.

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    @shaggygi we did use the MVVM pattern in the application.  As for the transitions we have our own view stack implementation which is similar in concept to the TransitioningContentControl in the toolkit, it allows us to attach a storyboard to the in and out states as the controls are being swapped out.  The exception to this is the slide back and out, to achieve this we developed a custom control which utilizes storyboards , masking, and a viewbox.


    @ivan_  you do have to play with storyboards and effects and animations to get the right mix or feel and performance


    @tropics when designing an oob chrome its an art of making the edges and centers feel just right, and bleed properly.  Glad you like it.


    Thanks guys

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