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TCSWeekly is a new weekly show on Channel 9 that covers the top news, tutorials and demos in the Microsoft Client world.

"TCS" comes from its long form sibling The Continuum Show and "Weekly" comes from its publishing schedule.  As in once a week, I'll review the top news and publish a new episode.

Stories mentioned in this episode include:

Music: Night Light by Reveling_John

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The Discussion

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    I love these "This Week In" shows... Very concise & very valuable to me as I can cover many shows that would've taken hours in mere minutes.
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    No doubt i am just missing something, but can i subscribe to these shows as a podcast?  I would love things like this and 10-4 to just auto download to my zune.
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    Yep you can definitely do this.

    1. Visit the list of Shows:
    2. Click on the show you want (I would suggest "This Week on Channel 9" or 10-4 instead of this competing TCSWeekly show).
    3. Next to "Subscribe" click on the format you want. The next page is the RSS feed that you can use in the RSS aggregator of your choice. For example, if you want to subscribe in the Zune software pick the Zune feed and copy/paste that URL into the Zune software. Do this from Collection -> Podcasts -> Add a Podcast and then fill in the URL.

    Hope that helps!

    PS: Only joking on #2 above. I've got nothing but love for Adam and his awesome content. But the public loves a good ratings war, right? Just look at Leno and Letterman! Wink
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    Thanks for the info!

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