TWC9: Channel 9 Goes Live, Zune, detecting memory leaks, Life at MSFT

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This week on Channel 9, we do our first ever live smooth-streaming episode with special guest Nic Fillingham. On the show we discuss:

- Our ch9live Twitter account to take questions during the show

- The new MSN page design
- MSN also integrates Bing
- Nic discusses his new Zune HD
- Sarah Perez - How to make Zune-compatible movies with Movie Maker
- Expression Blend 3 Zune Website Starter Kit
- Larry Larsen - NBC goes Silverlight for Winter Olympics
- TwinBox - How to use Twitter in Outlook
- Windows 7 sponsored theme packs, via Long Zheng
- Microsoft Press - Ten free Windows 7 book chapters
- Rudi Grobler - Anatomy of a Windows 7 Tabbed Thumbnail Part 1 & Part 2
- Lee Mathews - Download Squad - New tool enables you to right-click and mount VHDs
- Jason Allor - LinqLite is a small library of LINQ expressions to simplify building your own LINQ provider, via Brad Abrams
- Fabrice Marguerie - MSDN - How to detect and avoid memory and resource leaks in .NET applications, via Charlie Calvert
PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2010, via Greg Duncan

Picks of the week
Dan's pick: - Coding4Fun - Halloween Gremlins - Move a mouse, shake the screen, scroll windows and more
Nic's pick: Tina's Life at Microsoft video



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The Discussion

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    It was cool to be a prt of the first live stream Smiley keep up the great work and ideas C9 crew!

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    hope to see more live c9 stuff Smiley i missed the one on friday though.. to bad the recorded version doesnt use smooth streaming :/

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    Love you guys adding Twitter and live streaming concept, really great to see TWC9 evolve!

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    Why on earth do you want to require people to use Twitter when we've already joined Channel 9 and you have this setup already?

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback, this is our first test so we'll evolve this over time Smiley


    @jlomax - To your specific question, we used Twitter because it's easy to see a stream of questions come in (instead of reloading a forum page), there are lots of developers on Twitter, and it's a lot faster to take questions via Twitter instead of building out a Channel 9 live chat feature.

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    I think using the twitter account to take questions is a great idea. I have shifted to using Twitter versus forums for my own business because of that.


    Apex Professionals LLC

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     Brian Beckman on covariance, contravariance, and black holes?   That's going to blow my mind.   Big Smile

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