TWC9: Email on Azure, Zork in C#, Ford Sync AppLink, and more

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    About the Live Mesh reference during the show. Live Mesh is dead and the new Windows Live Sync is here to replace it (build on same technology):


    So why promote DropBox? Live Sync should have a same API as Live Mesh, as you said, the API really makes the difference. Although it seems microsoft made a crusual mistake with Live Sync, it seems there is a 2 GB limit and it is not integrated into the real Skydrive. This would mean you can't use Office Web Apps to edit documents online...


    We will have to wait and see i guess...

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    That is a community run site, not MSFT.  Last I checked we haven't announced anything.  Big Smile


    Plus DropBox provides a lot of cool things.  Such as up to 100gigs of space.  yes for a price, but 100gig of space! 

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    Well, no it's not announced Wink YET Tongue Out

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    Live Sync (or, more accurately, Windows Live) won't have the same API as Live Mesh. Similar, but not the same.

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    I'm a user of dropbox. The way it works is they provide a client for Windows/OSX/Linux which monitors a "Dropbox" directory. When you add/change/delete a file in that directory tree it will be synced with your dropbox account and any other subscriber you have to your account. Not only that, for the Free user it keeps a history of file changes for 30 days so you can un-delete something or get back changes you lost by accident. For the pro users you can make this permanent history.


    I have a client for my iPhone and iPad as well (Taking photo's via iPhone and your pictures can instantly appear on your subscribed machines.)


    I currently have 50gb of storage with them and share some folders with friends and colleagues, makes things so much easier especially as one uses Linux and another uses a Mac.


    Jas (Using Windows 7 Wink )

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    For folks interested in, I'll have an interview with the author up here in a couple weeks.

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