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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan cover the week's top developer news including:
- Office Engineering blog - Office 2010 Starter Edition - Reduced functionality version of Office that would ship with OEM versions of Windows (Works replacement)
Windows Phone launches, new developer portal up
Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode on MSDN
- CodeProject - How to build a Zune HD "level" app using the built-in accelerometer
Office 2010 Engineering Blog - From sketch to finished product
- Scott Hanselman - New MSDN skin/features
- Coding4Fun - Mark Heath -  .NET Voice Recorder
- Brian Harry - Team Foundation Server "Basic" - easy way to install TFS and no server requirement
- Rico Mariani - History of Visual Studio posts to complement the Visual Studio documentary

Picks of the week
- Brian's pick:  "Go Live" license for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2
- Dan's pick: Five mice prototypes in five minutes (video clip at the end)



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The Discussion

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    What was the intro music....awesome SKA

  • User profile image

    One Pump Chump (OPC) - The song is called GDI Smiley

  • User profile image

    And the MSR music: Motion Blur by Björn Hartmann. It's very cool.


    And while searching for Björn Hartmann on YouTube, I found this Stanford HCI video.


    I wonder if he's composing using the ReacTable Smiley

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    Isn't that thing called the Office Pearl?

  • User profile image

    I love this song too Smiley) so fun...

  • User profile image

    Yes! I couldn't think of it.


    Changing from Start to the pearl makes it a lot harder to give tech support over the phone to my mom when I tell her to hit Start...Programs... and she's like "there is no start". Pearl means nothing to her so I tell her the small circle in the bottom left corner. Either way, it's a lot harder to remember Smiley

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    Thank you so much... I usually watch this show and all other content in a regular basis, but this is the first time C9 actually saves my @ss.   The .NET Audio tip, couldn't came in a better time


    Thanx again Big Smile

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    Nice, do you have a project you're using it on? If so, let us know and we'll cover it on the show!

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    Well sure I have.  it's a LOB application for my own business.  It's a healthcare application focused on teleradiology, WinForms writen in C# and deployed with ClickOnce.  The audio part is meant for radiologist so they can make dictations and then transcriptionist can hear them and make a report out of them.  For upcoming versions I'm planning to add imaging capabilities based on DeepZoom for bandwidth constrained scenarios.


    It uses SSH as secure transport for both business logic and file transfer between the clients (4 at this time, 2 more waiting, up to 15 users) and the server in the headquarters.


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