TWC9: Silverlight Web cam apps, VS extensibility, Explorer shell extensions

Play TWC9: Silverlight Web cam apps, VS extensibility, Explorer shell extensions
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This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan discuss the week's top developer news, including:

- Azure joins Server & Tools Business (STB)
- Charles Torre - Chinese version of Channel 9 now available on CSDN
- Visual Studio Ecosystem Summit - All sessions available on Channel 9, including Editor, Blend 3, T4 code generation, and more
- Adam Kinney - BugCamSmash - Motion Detection with Silverlight 4 Beta (video demo)
- Rene Schulte - Silverlight 4 Augmented Reality Proof of Concept (video demo)
- MSR - EntityCube - Vanity search that maps relationships, search results, news and more, via Blowdart
- PDC 2009 - Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp videos now online, via Duncan Mackenzie
- Larry Larsen - Denise Trabona on the Windows 7 iconic background
- Sarah Perez - Flickr Drive - Integrate Flickr into Windows Explorer
- CodeProject - Custom Explorer commands for Visual Studio lets you Build, clean, zip a solution without opening it
- A LINQ provider to run LINQ queries on your Visual Studio Solution (.sln) files, via Greg Duncan

Picks of the week:
- Dan and Brian's photo shoot. Photoshop our photo and win!



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