TWC9: Sven Groot, Beer taste test, Office Web, ASP.NET Auto-Starts, System.IO changes

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On a very special episode of This Week on Channel 9, Dan is joined Christian "Littleguru" Liensberger, and Sven Groot where we do blind taste-testing of beer, and  discuss the week's top developer news including:

- Dan introduces the blind beer taste test between Old English 800, Mickeys, Fosters, and Bud Light with Brian keeping score
- Sven discusses how he got talked into posing for a photo
Office Web Applications are now in a private preview
- Zune HD launches, XNA Game Studio 3.1 also launched and it supports building games for ZuneHD for free, no need for Creator's Club members
- Scott Guthrie - Microsoft AJAX CDN - Includes ASP.NET AJAX, jQuery, and ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX libraries
- Mahesh Sabnis - What's new in WCF 4.0 Part 1
- C# FAQ - Building a Dynamic Method using Expression Trees
- Mike Swanson - Evolving the PDC09 Event Site
- Krzysztof Kozmic - How to contribute to open source without writing a single line of code
- PHP Toolkit for REST/.NET, via Joe Stagner
Julien Manici - Windows 7 logon background changer, via Paul Thurott
- Michael Ceranski - System.IO Improvements in .NET 4.0 make us all giddy like school girls
- Dare Obasanjo - Building Scalable Databases by denormalizing your database
- Scott Guthrie - Auto-Start ASP.NET 4.0 applications

Beer taste test results (1 right out of 12)
- Christian: 0/4
- Sven: 0/4
- Dan: 1/4

Picks of the week:
- Christian's pick: SQL Azure Migration Wizard CodePlex project
- Sven's pick: monoTouch - .NET development kit for iPhone
- Dan's pick:, via Scott Hanselman



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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Ion Todirel

    wow, this is something! Smiley

  • User profile image

    Best TWiC9 evar!  Smiley


    It's got long-time niners, beer tasting, premature optimization joke... who can ask for more!

  • User profile image



    Power to the Niners (and beer)! Welcome to the Mothership, Sven.



  • User profile image

    The new Ajax CDN and System.IO improvements are great!

  • User profile image

    Drinking on the show. Nice! I especially love Brian's vacant stare as he's drinking.

  • User profile image

    WOW so none of them can tell which beer they drink by taste?  (Ok Sven you are excused - not fair to you)


    way back I used to drink a *LOT* of Fosters -- but this was like 1981 and it came in big tin cans that we called "Oil Cans" cause they where just about the size and shape of a quart oil can for a car.  as a 19-20 year old back then i coluld down 4 cans in a night and still keep going...  Ah the days of mispent youth in the US Air Force...  I had a buddy who made killer "punch" with koolaid, vodka, everclear and moonshine, a dixe cup or two and you did not get out of the chair without help .... like 99.9% pure booze with a cover of sweet taste to hide it on the way down Smiley





  • User profile image

    That was a fun show to shoot. Smiley Dan and Brian should do that from now own during each show. Each week they taste the beer from another country. Tongue Out

  • User profile image

    Ales, Cream Ales, Lager, Stout.... Yum Smiley


    now i hope everyone can tell a cream ale from a dark brew Smiley


    wonder if i can find my old air force buddy and have him make some punch for a show ....  </cue in evil laugh>


  • User profile image

    I loved the “Drinking Brian” stuff. That added a whole layer of craziness to TWoC9. It reminds me of “Blokken”, a quiz on Belgian TV where sometimes a guy dressed as a Viking would walk through the scene, just randomly.

  • User profile image

    If you start with Belgian beers, you could fill a decade of episodes. I am truly blessed to have been born here. Praise the Lord.

  • User profile image

    I was recently in Brussels, Belgium. Nice beer country! So far I just drink Chimay though. Agree that Brian added some humor to the whole thing heh. That has to be the emptiest stare I've ever seen; it reminded me of this sentence: "opening up the nothing box".

  • User profile image

    So, Brian, were you staring out in space and into the camera on purpose? Cuz it was really funny Tongue Out  to just see that.

  • User profile image

    I think he stared out in space. I loved how he was taking a closer look at the camera! Big Smile

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