TWC9: Virtual PC tools, .NET 4.0 FAQ, MVC in Azure

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This week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by Christian "Littleguru" Liensberger to discuss the week's top developer news, including:

- SQL Team - SQL Azure Feature Complete, now supports bulkcopy
- Sarah Perez - Integrate Twitter into PowerPoint, via Scott Hanselman
- Systernals utility - Disk2VHD - Create a virtual hard drive from a physical hard drive, via Greg Duncan
- Virtual PC Guy - Virtual PC + XP mode RTM on MSDN/Technet
- Ayende Rahein - Choosing between Active Record, Fluent NHibernate, and XML mapping files, via Alvin Ashcraft
- Eric Lippert - The difference between"as" and "cast" operators
- Kirk Evans - Eric Schupps on TDD in SharePoint
- Jeff Brand - 5-part video series on Peer-to-Peer programming
- Rudi Grobler - Create your own IDE, with colorization, in 10 minutes using AvalonEdit
- Shivprasad Koirala - CodeProject - Multipart .NET 4.0 FAQ, part 1 is the DLR
- Wade Wegner - Video - How to run ASP.NET MVC applications in Windows Azure

Picks of the week
- Christian's pick: Sony Vaio Windows 7 Notebook
- Dan's pick: Family Guy meets Windows 7



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