This Week C9: Office 2010, Azure pricing, ScottGu on MVC, and Silverlight 3

Play This Week C9: Office 2010, Azure pricing, ScottGu on MVC, and Silverlight 3

The Discussion

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    Nice show, although shame on you both for not knowing Feynman, the guy is a bona fide geek icon and one of the greatests minds of the last century.

    You don't need to know much about Physics to really enjoy his lectures; he had a captivating teaching style and a great ability to teach complex concepts using very simple terms and ideas.


    Condoleances for Popfly ;-(

    The 'Therapy' video was pretty funny. These slaps must have hurt...


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    Dan is suspiciously quiet about the end of Popfly. What's the real reason they shut down Popfly?

    PS: "This Week" still rocks.

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    Honestly I had never heard of Feynman before this week. I know, embarassing to our geek cred.


    As for the slaps, yeah, Nic slapped me like 20 times. I think I slapped him three times. The left part of my face had a nice pinkish hue afterwards Smiley



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    Thanks, we do appreciate the love:)


    The reason I was quiet on Popfly shutting down was that if you saw in the news articles, the blog post and the email we sent to customers, we never actually said why. Now after the news is public, we did tell Todd Bishop that it was because of an "economic 'refocus'".


    Either way, it does suck. Now I know how Brian feels about J# Smiley


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    Mike Greenway Love it / hate it. lots of things don't work. view in browser buttons don't work in fire fox 5.0, my scroll wheel dosen't work, one of the examples will not run in  IE 8.0.

    and it is slow to load on the first page.  

    seems like all SL apps need an HTML page first to tell people the waiting the're about to do is worth it.

    I Love SL but MS has to do something about an easy splach screen and intagated dynamic page loading/cashing.



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    Could you not afford collars for those t-shirts? Angel

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    Ha! Yeah, so I showed up to the studio and Dan throws me this shirt and tells me we're wearing them on the air. They are from the BizSpark team but this shirt is like an XL, I'm swimming in it. I have no idea what kind of compensation package they gave Dan for this promotional plug, but I didn't see a dime of it, I tell ya!



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