This Week C9: Win7 on MSDN, PDC 2009, Drunktender

Play This Week C9: Win7 on MSDN, PDC 2009, Drunktender

The Discussion

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    hey congratulations Dan and Angie on shipping, hope all went well and there wont be need for any emergency patches Smiley

    also good to hear that Dan was able to get a whole month off, here (in sweden) lots of folks have an impression of american companies not giving their employees much in the ways of vacation /paternatiy leave but im glad to hear thats not so Smiley

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    I enjoy checking out Russ's Toolsheld show. He is excited about the tools to make developers jobs easier. Learning vs and expression blend, Russ's screen casts are helpful and insightful. Nice pick, Brian.

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    Congrats, Dan!

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    Nice job!

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    I fail to see where XP Mode is more than a _Windows_ Virtual PC duct-taped to the host.

    With all this great filtering and shim stuff that comes out in Win7, the integration should have been much, much tighter.


    I would have wanted to see something like Windows-on-Windows, where file system and registry (as well as virtually every other filterable device) are shadowed to the guest appropriately.


    I can't migrate my old XP machine into a Windows Virtual PC image.

    I can't choose whether I would like to install an app into host or guest.

    I can't use Windows Update to update the host as well all the registered guests in the same download-install-reboot cycle.

    I'm not seeing XP Mode available for context-menu, "Compatibility".


    And as a home or small-office user, I can't have MED-V, which looks like it would solve a couple of those problems.


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    Christian! Congratulations!


    Awesome to see old 8'ers on 9. You've acomplished so much in such short time!




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    You make some excellent points, and I agree with you. To be clear, I absolutely love Windows 7 and I also really like Windows Virtual PC. But I concur that the XP Mode is being oversold a bit and that the technical capabilities and limitations are getting muddied by the marketing message that has been applied to this.


    That's just my opinion... I will give them some slack since that feature is only in RC right now and hasn't officially RTM'd. Maybe they will clean up the messaging soon.



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    It was really nice to be in the show. Dan and Brian are doing an excellent job with picking interesting developer topics and side stories each week. I love it to be part of that.

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    Congrats Dan!


    And I remember Dr. Sbaitso.  Tell me your problems.

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    Interesting; have you tried it? I am pretty sure that's what I tried last time but I got the compatibility dialog which blocked me from running it.

    I wonder how performance is. Running Virtual PC on Windows Server with Hyper-V enabled causes it to run very slowly b/c you are contending with the hypervisor. Since Windows Virtual PC supports lower-level virtualization I wonder if you would have the same problem.

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    That's good to know, thanks for the details! Man I love doing This Week on Channel 9, if nothing else I am always learning from you guys. Smiley


    (BTW - Why did you assume I don't speak Polish? I mean... it was a correct assumption and all... hehe Smiley )



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