This Week on C9: New Live Search features, freebies, why TDD fails and Duke Nukem

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This Week on Channel 9, Dan and Christian "LittleGuru" Liensberger go through this week's news including:

- Powerset features now in Windows Live, via Channel 10.
- Four new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) videos on Visual Studio 2008.
- Mike Snow: How to add snow effects in Silverlight (live demo), via Alvin Ashcraft.
- Roy Osherove: Why Test Driven Development fails
- Andy Dunn: API changes from XNA 2.0 to XNA 3.0
- Popfly adds tracking ripped projects.
- Resource Guide to Free Microsoft Software and Online Services
- Updated version of Snippet Editor/Designer now available on Codeplex
- Take the .NET Framework deployment and redist survey to give feedback to the team.
- Steve Sinofsky, Scott Guthrie and David Treadwell to keynote at Professional Developer's Conference.
- Larry Osterman and Raymond Chen to give Windows sessions at PDC
- Video clip of Lisa Olson on how to write a killer resume.
- Christian's pick of the week: Xbox Live Arcade adds Duke Nukem 3D including multiplayer and co-op modes.
- Dan's pick of the week: TweetSQL that adds CLR stored procedures that enable your database to automagically send tweets to Twitter, via Greg Duncan



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The Discussion

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    Pick of the Pick (kind of)... Rock on! 

    Can I get a (related to) Pick of the Week PDC Badge?  LOL  Smiley

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    Good job guys. Big Smile

    The structural evolution of XNA is just one of the reasons its much easier to code in than other game SDKs.
    This latest XNA version is very exciting.
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    LOL, well we don't have a graphic, but we were kicking around the tires of doing some C9'ees or C4F'ees (Coding4Fun) at the end of the year though.

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    Weekly videos are fun, but I have a suggestion, why doesn't videos on C9 have Markers? Specially in scenario like this, For eg, I want to go directly to "How to add snow effects in Silverlight (live demo)", how can I do it ? It will be great if Videos uses markers and players will enable us to go to a specific marker. It's pretty simple thing to do, I think C9 Ux team should add it ASAP Smiley.
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    Funny you should mention that, iparag. I know it's been on the backlog for the EvNet team for a while, on top of building new features for C8, C9, C10, Edge, VisitMIX, etc. etc... Smiley

    There actually used to be a feature (I think it was called Clipster?) that Charles developed but not enough people used it or knew about it. Maybe Erik will chime in with some more insights about their current plans here.
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    I also think that the idea is great. It's not clipster, it's more that people who create the content are able to create links in the post that forwards to the part of the clip. Like when Dan posts the show he has always this list of stuff that is covered (sometimes even with the time spans). It would be great if he could post a link next to each item in the list that forwards the player to where we talk about it.

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    I'd love to be able to do that, especially if it was easy Smiley
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    Easy is key, of course Smiley
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    I swear, there's like a 15 year age difference between the avatar picture of littleguru eating an ice cream cone and the picture of him on the set of Channel 9 with a 5 o'clock shadow. Wink
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    I just shaved Tongue Out 15 years younger now. W00t!

    Without a beard they always ask me about my ID here in the US. With the beard they stopped... it's amazing.

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