This Week on C9: PDC recap and Halloween with Scott Hanselman, Clint Rutkas, and Brian Peek

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This Week on Channel 9, Scott Hanselman, Clint Rutkas, and Brian Peek join us to share their thoughts on PDC, Azure, and even share their thoughts on the best geeky Halloween costumes.





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The Discussion

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    Is someone playing airhockey near where you were recording this? Very annoying sound in the background.

    Anyway, it didn't occur to me when I was watching the actual Azure stuff, but as they say in this vid Azure = blue. So Microsoft is either targetting or paying tribute to IBM here.
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    A tidbit of irony Smiley

    Windows Azure is MS Cloud O/S, but azure is the color of the sky without clouds...

    I said ironic, not funny...hehe

    I don't like "Azure." Hopefully, this year's "Azure" is next year's "Vista."
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    @rhm - Yeah, we recorded in the Channel 9 & Coding4Fun lounge where people were playing Rock Band 2 so that's what the background sound was.

    @Minh - I'm ambivalent on Azure as a name, but the technology is hot Smiley  I'm sure they looked at some names that had "sky" in the title too. Perhaps SkyNet would have been a more appropriate name.

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    I sorta associate azure with water more than with sky, but then again, clouds are water in the sky.

    Personally though, I think the award for the best cloud-based technology name has to go to Valve for coming up with 'Steam Cloud'.

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