This week on C9: Windows 7 RC, Glimmer for jQuery, and ZOMG Ponies

Play This week on C9: Windows 7 RC, Glimmer for jQuery, and ZOMG Ponies

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    Great show as usual.  

    I know that I'm tired of going to conferences or user group talks where Northwind is the example.  Most of the people who I work with chock it up to laziness on the part of the presenter.  I know you probably can't show "real" code, but come on, there must be more complex examples than Northwind.   A great talk where Northwind wasn't the example was Coding4Fun at the PDC, I very much enjoyed that.  Or the C++ Kate Gregory did at TechEd where she showed off WordPad.  Or, The Blend guys did this at PDC, they showed a demo using the Blend code, and it was awesome!

    Also, if I'm paying quite a bit to be at a conference, and you show me Northwind, it will reflect in your evals.

    Oh, and it's no longer called Swine Flu, it's now called H1N1 Influenza.  I personally think it's being blown out of proportion.  I'm sure a movie will be made.  Attention has now moved from Global Warming in the media to a virus' which will bring the Armageddon.

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    One of the benefits of a largely non-adopted language that is in it's early stages of development is the flexibility afforded to the language designer to change course at fundamental levels as well as in vocabulary/features/compiler. I think Newspeak and especially the concepts it aims to express are rather important and will, in my opinion, yield tasty fruit at some point in time, in some form.

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    Whoa, so now the show is hosted from the Aperture Science labs?

    Nice show. I'll have to look into that PlayOn thing. Although I suppose some sort of Media Center plugin would be an even easier way to watch C9 videos on your TV.
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    So PlayOn is great, especially if you are like me and have the 360 set up and a few PCs on the same network but are not using Media Center... but if you are using Media Center, then you might want to check out TV Tonic which I know makes videos available and I believe has Channel 9 in there as well


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