Roz Ho: Reflections On Leadership and Believing in Yourself

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Sometimes Charles and Ritzy get really lucky in meeting people whose energy is truly contagious, as in the case of Corporate Vice President, Premium Mobile Experiences, Roz Ho.  In another edition of WM_IN, Roz tells us about her diverse experiences; from growing up in Hong Kong, moving to California, landing at Microsoft and how she almost left Microsoft to become an archeologist!  Roz leads a team working on consumer-focused projects in mobile communications, and her team comes first; she literally shows us what keeps her coming back to the job every day, even after 17 years.  And she knows a little something about the importance and delicacy of human relationships, as she used to be the GM of the Macintosh Business Unit, where her team was responsible for the development and marketing of Mac Office. Before joining Microsoft in 1991, Ho was a software engineer for HP and she also spent two years working as a software engineer developing a number of financial systems at Bank of America, including the first large-scale ATM system in the world.



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The Discussion

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    Wow, really nice video. Roz is awesome!
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    great interview as always! Smiley
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    Ritzy and I left the conversation truly inspired and very happy that Microsoft has leaders like Roz. We're in very good hands!
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    Another interesting interview Smiley

    While Roz was talking I kept thinking Zune Phone, then I visited techmeme and saw this
    Did someone say Pink? so that answers the last question Wink
    (Well, either that or this video is "the source")

    I'm hearing from a good source that Microsoft is ready to give a major facelift to the company's Zune music player that could mean its evolution into a new smart phone from the company.

    My source says that the new device falls under the codename "Pink" and that it will combine the company's Zune and technology from Microsoft's purchase of Danger Inc., the company that brought us the Sidekick flip phone available on T-Mobile.


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    Pure speculation... This interview contains no informatoin whatsoever about "Pink" save for the discussion of the color of Roz's office. 

    For the record, we have no real idea what Roz is working on. She wouldn't tell us (and we asked off camera)....

    So, speculate all you want, but you did not hear anything from Channel 9 that you can use in the construction of your fantasies.
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    more interviews like that Smiley

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    Curt Nichols
    Great interview. Smiley
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    what a very inspiring lady. From the outside looking in, it's great to see MS heading in the right direction led by people like roz...
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    Rodney McKay

    One of the best interviews ever on channel 9, it was fun watching this great woman! Btw. i think she is hot Wink

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    I first saw Roz watching Apple product release conventions on the web.  Roz would be introduced by Steve Jobs and would face all those ever-skeptical Mac folks in the audience and each time would win them over with her enthusiasm and intellect.  She seems more on top of her game than ever in this vid!
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    Wow, what happened Roz... the Kin ws a dismal failure.

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