Web Camps TV #2 - OData Overview with Jonathan Carter

Play Web Camps TV #2 - OData Overview with Jonathan Carter

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    OData is very cool. What I really love is how easy it is to get started just by using LINQPad, connect to an address and start partying.


    I couldn't help notice what looks like an RDF or Semantic Web sticker on Jonathan's laptop. I wonder if there's anything in store for us there. Didn't the original Astoria project have something in that space - or plans?

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    Yep I do have a W3C Linked Data sticker on my laptop Smiley We're all fans of RDF and what the W3C have done to move the industry towards a Web of data. As you said, the original Astoria prototype did have RDF support. The only reason it was removed, in favor of AtomPub (as the default format), was because of customer feedback. 


    The idea of supporting RDF is certainly still active, we just want to make sure not to randomize people without having a really good reason for it. If RDF support would be useful for you, I'd love to know. Make sure to shoot any general OData feedback you may have our way as well (joncart at microsoft dot com), as that's always useful.



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    I'm liking this series. Nice work.


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    Great video.  Do you plan on releasing other videos on how to connect to OData services in a Visual Studio app ( WPF, Silverlight, etc. ) and how to setup your own OData services?  I'm interested in learning how to deploy OData services for some of my companies databases ( this would be internal use of course ).  Thanks again.

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    There definitely will shaggygi. When James asked me to do an episode for the show, I intended on showing a lot more, but I ended up gabbing on forever and he cut me off at 20 minutes or so Smiley Stay tuned for future episodes on producing and consuming OData services.


    In the meantime, if you want to chat about how you could get started, feel free to ping me at the e-mail I mentioned above.

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    Dude, check out Aaron Skonnard's webcasts. They're very good quality and at a nice pace. CH9 of course...




    (maybe Jon can quickly look at the link and let us know if anything's changed since Aaron posted these videos).



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