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    Please make SSL available for Worker Role Endpoints that don't have IIS as host process.

    On a on-premise Windows Server you can already do this, so how hard can it be to add that feature.

    With such a feature, you can protect your unencrypted end-points with SSL without having to implement it yourself.

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    What I understand from Stefan's, it is not possible to get an IP based SSL and use it with load balancer's IP. We have to also buy a specific IP for our website, is that correct?

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    I will check on this.

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    Stefan Schackow

    Correct - for Azure Web Sites there is a pool of IP addresses owned by the service available for use with IP-based SSL websites. When setting up IP-based SSL with Azure Web Sites, the IP address that is assigned to you comes from that fixed pool.

    The IP address of the Azure Web Sites load balancers is already used by the * SSL binding, so it is not available for use by individual websites that are setting up custom SSL certificates.

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    Stefan. 4:40 minutes in you said that there is an option to buy a custom ip for a website. This is new to me. Do you have a link or any other information on how or where to get this?

    Bonus question: is this also an option for Azure cloud services and VM's?

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