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    Great introduction to the technology. Is there a process for using traditional ETL tools (SSIS) to pump corporate data to the cloud? Keep these introductions coming.

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    Miso Cilimdzic

    Hi Frank, certainly SSIS is supported and in addition several other Microsoft and partner tools. If you would like more information drop us a line on sqldwfeedback@microsoft.com .

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    For like the last decade I've had the fervent hope that one day SSIS development would be suspended for like six months to a year and the team sent out to work onsite at large clients where they would be subject to working with SSIS on a daily basis on a range of large integration and DW projects.

    After that they could reconvene and I have complete faith they would then know what to do with this product - i.e. either kill it or give it the ground-up overhaul it deserves. Because, as it is now and has been, it is the poor stepchild, the weakest link in the whole space and a raging pain in the * to use on any regular basis (and even worse on an irregular basis). 

    That, and a standalone 'Windows Rules Server 2018' would be a nice addition to the lineup (first requested in 1999 and again prior to every subsequent major Windows Servers release ever since).

    Carry on...

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    Interested in talking to Microsoft about big data tools?

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    We want to hear from you!

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    Jimmy Wong

    Hi Healyje,

    This is Jimmy Wong and I am the current SSIS PM from Microsoft. First of all, thank you for your feedback and I am sorry that you see some gaps on the SSIS product. If your time allows, I would like to invite you to a skype meeting so that we can discuss more about your pain points and concerns. In the meeting, I can also share with you about tonnes of product improvements and new features we have made for the upcoming SSIS 2016. You can reach me at jwong@microsoft.com. I can get the meeting set up once I get your contact information. Thanks!

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