(Part 1) Windows 10 and App Compat: What about my Windows Apps?

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Kevin Remde welcomes theApp Compat Guy” himself, Chris Jackson to the show, as they kick off a 3 part series on Windows 10 and App Compatibility. Tune in for part 1 where they address concerns surrounding application or scenario compatibility during the move to Windows 10.

  • [2:09] Let's define the issue.  What is your definition of compatibility?
  • [3:20] What's the recommendation?
  • [6:57] Are there specific things in Windows 10 that improve compatibility of applications over previous versions?
  • [9:48]  Are there any tools that people should be aware of for "fixing" compatibility of any apps they discover that may still have issues?
  • [11:20] Are there any other concerns for companies that are considering moving to Windows 10?
  • [13:40] Before we wrap it up here, why don't you mention some additional resources we think people should check out if they're interested in more details?

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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Aarne Luoma

    I just uppdated my Windown 7 to Windows10 and I have some troubles with voice. I have Spotify-application installed in my PC. No the trouble in my PC i cannot control voice level. The quality of voice is poor. I can fix the voicequality if I only find the voice-equalisator.
    For any advise I am more than grateful.
    Aarne, fron the land of Santa Clause (Finland)

  • User profile image

    I'm a bit annoyed that Microsoft has started using the term "apps" instead of "programs" in Windows 8 and 10. Very annoying terminology. We're talking about a desktop OS here, not a mobile phone.

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