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Corrinne Yu stops by the Channel 9 Studio once again to answer your questions.  We split this interview into Two Parts because we talked for well over an hour and a half.  Some of your questions she answers in Part One include:   

Intelman:  What are her thoughts on PC gaming?  What does she think about the future of console gaming?

Intelman:  If she could reconstruct gaming how would she do it?  Would there still be separate consoles, separate developing platforms or would she like it unified?

Intelman:  I’d like to know where she see’s game programming going forward and by proxy Direct X/Open GL as well as programming languages?

W3bbo:  It’s been over seven years now, what do you and your development team think about focusing and developing a single engine (from a technical perspective) over such a long period of time as opposed to having broader interests and IPs as other companies have done like Blizzard and EA’s SAGE?

Spivonious:  With the current push for 3D on TVs, are game developers once again looking at 3D? I remember shutter glasses back in the mid 90s but they never really caught on.  Or is this more a driver issue?

 ZippyV:  Does she work together with other big people in the gaming world like John Carmack and Tim Sweeney?

 CreamFilling512:  The Xbox 360 will be 5 years old soon, how much further can graphics be pushed on the console?  Can we still expect to see new rendering techniques implemented, or is it starting to show its age?

If you missed our very first interview with Corrinne Yu you can watch it here



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The Discussion

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    It's so great seeing someone so enthusiastic! Smiley

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    I haven't heard the word "voxel" in ages! Brought a smile to my face remembering the first time I implemented my first voxel in code Smiley Anyone remember the "Mars" demo?

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    Oh gah! The dancing shadows drive me nuts.


    More Corrinne and geeking out on graphics please!


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    Fantastic.   I will be back for part 2...after I've given my brain a chance to defrag.

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    IQ + Passion = Compelling!!


    Thanks for this, Corrinne and Tina (and Niners for the great questions!). Looking forward to part 2.



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    I remember the "Mars" demo in DOS.

    Was it your creation?

    Then there was a similar demo in Excel 95 where you could fly over some surface on like on an airplane and see credits in 3D.

    (tab to cell x95:l95 ctrl+shft+click) something like that to activate it in Excel 95.

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    I remember the "Mars" demo in DOS.

    Was it your creation?


    Oh, no, I'm not that good. I ported the DOS Mars demo to X11... And it ran on the first try Smiley

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    The chart button

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    That's what I thought. The passion, creativity and skill shines through. [The first video got >46,000 views - not bad!]


    Thanks for asking my questions, Tina. (This question was by me though  SmileyIntelman:  I’d like to know where she see’s game programming going forward and by proxy Direct X/Open GL as well as programming languages?)


    I like Corrine's perspective on software rendering (it's a bit of a weird term, isn't it?), rasterizers and how a future can be very hybrid and creatively unconstrained.


    Thumbs up!

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    Yes! Thank you! Click Chart button.


    It's been over 10 years since I last used it Smiley

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    You are my idol, beside Diana Gruber and Kate Gregory.


    I like Corrine's videos, yet to prove that software programming has no baudaries,

    giving inspirations to me like "Wow, if Corrine can be that professional, me sure can!"


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    As for memory comment. I bet on 3D Photonic RAM. HP is researching on Photonic connection between CPU socket and Photonic RAM. Photonic ram is obviously fast and 3D because you can stack them, and low heat as well. I don't consider RAM an issue because loading time would be much unbearible before that become an issue.


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    Definitely, anyone who is bright-eyed and passionate about technology is always a pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to part 2!

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    Those where good questions and Corinne is definitely the person to answer them. I like this kind of video but it WAS about stuff I actually understand for a change Smiley

    Now, we need to find someone to interview who's as passionate about audio.


    About Spivonious's 3D question...

    Since most games use "tricks" to create complex particle effects such things would simply look like flat planes with animated semitransparent particles on them if you just tried to add 3D to a game that wasn't designed for 3D from the start?



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    corinne rules Smiley

    i really agree with her regarding the pc as a gaming platform, but i dont agree at all that "people" are not playing games on the pc anymore..


    the pc is only "dying" according to bloggers and incompetent tech journalists that can barley work their DVR at home Tongue Out

    pc gaming if far from dying and pc gamers are plentify. look at mmos, look at casual.. look at korea Smiley consoles cant even compare.. and im sorry but console fps:es are far inferior to their pc counterparts.. cs is alive and well and its older than the xbox. tf2 is another example.. sure with some auto aim fps:es can be decent on console, but they are far from beating the pc in terms of playability Smiley


    as for graphics, pc's blows both away both the ps3 and the 360(sorry guys), especially when using dx11.. sure, for a few months after a new console is announced, console graphics can rival pc graphics, but no more than that Wink


    i do think microsoft needs to make more of an effort to make people aware of directx and how its used, as well as compute shaders..

    a channel9 series perhaps? Smiley (hosted by corrine would be double awsome)

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    Michael Butler

    Not my field of knowledge so a lot of what was said went way over my head, but I love the passion and knowledge that Corrinne shows. Wish I could get so excited about my own work.

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    Sorry about that mix-up.  Another one of your questions does get answered in Part Two though.  So be sure to watch.  Corrinne is incredible to interview. 

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