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    Trevor Sullivan

    Eyefinity isn't really new -- I've had Eyefinity for over a year now, or so, with a 3x1 display setup (5760h x 1080v). They still need to work out some kinks though, and game developers need to work on their code a lot. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 consistently crashes after only a little while in Eyefinity mode. It's annoying, and a waste of an expensive setup :(

    Trevor Sullivan

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    "Being able to see more"
    But in multioplayer games that is cheating !

    If i understand Eyefinity correctly it's like increasing the fov (field-of-view) which is cheating and can get you banned !

    @Trevor Sullivan:
    AMD / ATI's drivers have been buggy for YEARS.
    I have a 4 month old pc with newest drivers, It has a bug which cause bsod due to amd graphics drivers. I have the same issue on my old pc. So this bug have existed for over 4 years now !

    I've even tried to contact them directly but i get ignored (microsoft style).

    When AMD gets your money they just wants you to f*** of.
    Nice customer support isn't it. :'(

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    Meldarth X

    ATI a few years ago were very buggy and many times a pile of crap; but that was back in the days of their rage chips.

    Both Nvidia and AMD/ATI have their bugs - but time line AMD does monthly releases of new graphic drivers to take care of those bugs; Nvidia does quarterly.

    Have you ever reported the bug Gordon? I know I have reported several that got fixed within a couple months and that's with both Nvidia and AMD - if you don't report; you can't *.

    Second; I know to this date - AMD/ATI has never released a driver that will kill your video card - Nvidia has twice........

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    Hey Gordon. My name is Terry Makedon and am AMD's manager of software marketing (and before that was the manager of Catalyst product management).

    It is unfortunate that your system exhibits a bug - one of the main reasons why we provide the industry's only monthly driver update policy is to ensure that bugs do not persist for long and we squash them as fast as possible. On your issue I would love to get more information so that we can see if it is indeed a Catalyst driver issue or something else. If it is a Catalyst issue I can certainly have it looked at and hopefully resolved quickly.

    If you are interested in helping us resolve the issue please send me a DM on twitter (www.twitter.com/catalystmaker). It is time that your negative experience turns into a positive one.

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    Isak Otto

    Thank you Terry for your proactive approach to Gordon's problem.
    Let's not give Intel any excuse to get one up on you!
    Keep up the good work!

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