E3 2011: Interview with Kudo Tsunoda about Microsoft's E3 announcements

Play E3 2011: Interview with Kudo Tsunoda about Microsoft's E3 announcements

The Discussion

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    And the SDK release date? What's the meaning of "soon"

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    kinect tools are available to "everyone"? really? no thanks to microsoft as of yet... will people even be able to get stuff into the kinect labs?

    its great to see that some dev-houses are dropping the all or nothing approaches with kinect and combining controllers with kinect, but when will microsoft understand that this is the way to go? why cant they focus on making a good expeience instead of tacking kinect onto eveything everywhere?

    i really wish kudo would spend half as much time giving people useful or even correct information as he does trying to look cool..



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    Kinect was and remains very exciting. It was great to see broad support for Kinect at Monday's E3 press conference.

    The only thing, that's still missing and of which I'd ask you to hurry up with is the official Kinect SDK for us Indie devs. Wasn't it supposed to have been made available in spring 2011 Wink

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    The moment i saw Kudo Tsunoda using sunglasses inside a building i thought: I hate that guy!

    Sunglasses are to protect you from the sun you moron !

    Wearing them inside doesn't make you "cool", it just make you a look like s douchebag and a *.

    all i heard was bla bla bla. No useful info at all, just sales talk.

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    Nice try Kudo, but you'll never be J.Allard.

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