Interview with Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel about Duke Nukem Forever

Play Interview with Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel about Duke Nukem Forever

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    No BW problem just now???

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    Rudi Grobler

    haha, just released the Duke Nukem soundboard for WP7 today (Balls of steel ->

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    What is this video has to do anything with MSDN or Channel 9 ? I dont really understand... !!! may be I am just the one and not from US. Some dude released a new game ... and where is the technology connection ? except it is realeased for XBOX360...  there has been may xbox game releases and no one was ever interviewed like this manner..  "aliens back to steal our chicks"  simply classic !!! with disturbing images of creatures having human female sex organs... and chicks walking around nude...  that is weird dude.... I think these kind of videos should be avoided... Talk about technology not some weird dude taking about his new game release....
    Just saying...

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    @freefly: The notable thing about the game is that it isn't some new game, its a game that was supposed to come out over a decade ago. That being said, I agree. These sorts of videos really have no place on Channel9. In the past few months I've been having a hard time finding interesting content. Every day its either, "Look at these cool new WP7 apps!" or "look at something mildly interesting someone did using the Kinect!" And generally the videos are over-produced these days as well. I miss the impromptu amateur-filmed office visits and deep-dives of yester-year.


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    @TheBanjomatic: I agree ...  I get the deal with the decade old game..but this isn't a promotional site or place... I dont think this is the ground rule of channel 9... I agree that there has been some videos like you pointed out in channel 9. I think they should start some other dedciated site or video channel for these kind of videos or serve the promotional purposes. It is unfair to other game releasers or the application developers for WP7 or any other platform. This particular video contains nothing about a technology or anything related to that... It is still bearable to see the "look at cool new apps!!" videos.. like you pointed out.. but this one was way over the edge... simply rediculous.... so I had to comment on it.

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    Its nice to to Duke is back. Hehe I just ran out of Bubble Gum and ready to kick a## and have fun.
    After a hard day of destroying Aliens,Pig Cops and Mutant Brains
    he can Kick Back to enjoy a drink and Entertainment!!
    This sure beats Fantasy Foot Ball or other less violent games.
    If your an old computer user the release of Duke3d at 3drealms
    was a must have. 
     I still run it on Windows XP in XP-Mode in Windows 7 just for giggles.
    For those who are more into deep things this is the wrong Channel
    flip the dial and look at the "Deep Dive" charles does it the best.
    If your a developer,programmer flip the dial to the STL -1 series.
    In either case lets rock-roll with Duke on this channel.
    Maybe we can see some thing from John Carmack
    who released Wolfenstein3d for Phone apps. To be fair John Carmack from ID
    Software would round things out.
    Martin :) 
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    @TheBanjomatic: +1 

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