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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian reunite to go through the week's top developer news including:

- The Visual Studio Documentary - Learn the history of Visual Studio, including Alan Cooper Scott Guthrie, Jason Zander, Anders Hejlsberg, Soma Somasegar, and many more
- Phil Haack - Details on the just released ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2
- Channel 9 Lectures: Erik Meijer teaches Functional Programming, including a 20% discount on Programming in Haskell
But Why Series - Get answers to questions on design decisions, branding, and other Microsoft lore
- C# FAQ - Using the ExpandoObject with Dynamic C#
- Why you should never prank Clint Rutkas (photo, video)
- Jaime Rodriguez - Q&A from the Microsoft internal WPF discussion alias
Four free chapters on Visual Web Developer Express 2008
- CodeProject - Convert Podcast RSS to Playlists
- James Senior - Seadragon Ajax Control Quick Start video
- Coding4Fun - Rick Barraza's tutorials on fluids and edge detection in Silverlight
- SQL Server 2008 Express How-To Videos
- CodePlex - SQL Azure Explorer project gives you great built-in tools for Visual Studio to visually explore your SQL Azure databases

Picks of the week:
- SharePoint blog - using Aptimize, improves performance by up to 50%
- Charlie Calvert walks through using the XNA Role Playing Starter Kit



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    The Discussion

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      - CodePlex - SQL Azure Explorer project gives you great built-in tools for Visual Studio to visually explore your SQL Azure databases.

      This is my interesting... When Channel 9 supply those documents or more details about them  ???

    • User profile image

      The ExpandoObject (agree the name is cool, reminiscent of dynamic Javascript objects) is nice for very very simple XML, but it's still not quite suited for XML because you can only use simple names for it and it has no notion of namespaces either. It's not quite suited for the infoset datamodel. Still, for simple grammars that don't use names like xsl:value-of, it's pretty usable.


      How do you dereference a member in a language that looks like the previous example, or like this (now not only talking about ExpandoObject): Customer."Customer Type". A dictionary will easily support that: Customer["Customer Type"], but I get a compiler error trying to use the indexing operator on an ExpandoObject.

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      Hi TinyA. Could you explain what you mean with "those documents"?

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      Sorry for my mistake, I can find what I want here :

      Nice day littleguru Smiley

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      Rodney McKay

      Maybe a little bit off topic: Why do you produce 16:9 videos when you encode the video in 4:3 format?

      Most people i know have 16:10 screens today, even if you have an old tube you can watch 16:9 videos - believe it or not Wink


      Thanks for a great show!

    • User profile image

      Agree, we're switching the player to be 16:9 in the future and the WMV High version is 16:9 native. Our encoding process does letterbox automatically since our current player is a 4:3 ratio. As part of "Revolution 9", we will be changing the player to dynamically resize based on aspect ratio.


      Oh and thanks for the support!!

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      Maddus Mattus

      Good to see that you guys took up my advice and no longer put the laptop on your lap,..


      Trouble with the swimmers Brian?



    • User profile image

      LOL! No comment. Smiley


      (written with my laptop... which is on my lap...)

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