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In this video, you will find tools to help solve these common developer challenges…

  • Maintaining the truth and privacy of your data while making changes to the schema
  • Another report project?
  • Setting up a virtual playground for testing and development
  • Building a web site from scratch in minutes without code
  • How can I customize my build process?  

(When viewing in Silverlight, the dots on the timeline correspond to the scenes listed below.)

  • Tool Shed Theme Song
  • Introduction
  • Demo 1 - VSTS DB Pro
  • Demo 2 - SQL Reporting Services
  • Demo 3 - Virtual PC
  • Demo 4 - DotNetNuke
  • Demo 5 - MSBuild Extensibility talking to Twitter by Guest Speaker Microsoft MVP, Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi
  • Developer Community Update by Brian Johnson

You will love our guest speaker, Microsoft MVP Sayed ... as he dazzles us on extending MSBuild to talk to Twitter, I guarantee it for any coder!

Special thanks to co-host Stan Schultes, recent co-author on his book on DotNetNuke 5Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi , Carl FranklinBrian Johnson, Seminole Community College - Sanford\Lake Mary Campus and the Orlando Code Camp Team and attendees, and the many volunteers who made this show a reality!  

Note: For those of you new to channel9 viewing, many different formats are available for download besides viewing in the default player; everything from Zune to WMV High Quality. Simply locate the dropdown menu below the embedded player on this page for your desired download selection. If the default view is too small or too blurry for you when full screen, then I recommend trying to download WMV High Quality. You can clearly see code, all video and powerpoints in High Def (HD) at full screen. It takes about an hour to download
at average home speed connections. The high def WMV file is about 1 gig.

Let me know what you think about the content, first and foremost in both episode 1 and 2. Feel free to comment on what tools you would like to see on future episodes.

As for the TV Show editing, let me know what you think of the Picture-In-Picture effect in the beginning during the theme song and occasional black and white filters (Wizard of Oz look). I am experimenting with various effects and having fun doing and learning video production!

Finally, please note all of the resources on right of the page at: including a link to all of the powerpoints, demo code and demo scripts!

Stan and I are planning on are filming Episode 3 this weekend, June 6, 2009, at the Pensaolca SQL Saturday. If you are attending, I can use some volunteers, like camera operators, a sound engineer and door control. I'll teach you at the event, everything to run the camera or sound, if you don't have much experience. Drop me an email if interested at Stay tuned. 

Remember, you have to know the code to get into the shed. KNOW THE CODE. Get some popcorn and enjoy the show! Russ



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The Discussion

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    Russ and Stan are inspirational in their presentations.  It was an honor to sit in the studio audience and listen to the pros show us how easy development can be with the right tools. 

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