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Have you ever felt inundated with developer tools? Do you ever feel you're missing something that could make your life easier as a developer and a power user?

There are so many tools available to choose from and it keeps getting tougher to keep up with them. Tool familiarity continues to be one of the top developer challenges. This series of seminars is all about tools for developers, by developers. Join Microsoft Florida Developer Evangelist Russ Fustino & Microsoft MVP Stan Schultes and others as they bring you demos and discussion about their favorite developer tools.

In this video, you will find tools to help solve these common developer challenges…

  • Building and deploying video capability in websites
  • Integrating Mapping Services
  • Managing your development machine
  • What’s exactly in those messages in your service layer?
  • Need storage that’s accessible from anywhere?
  • Create beautifully styled WPF applications with no lines of code (and no design team!)
  • Easily Developing Office Business Applications  

(When viewing in Silverlight, the dots on the timeline correspond to the scenes listed below.)

  • Tool Shed Theme Song
  • Introduction
  • Demo 1 – Silverlight Live Plug-in for Expression Encoder
  • Demo 2 – Live Services – Virtual Earth
  • Demo 3 – SysInternals
  • Demo 4 – Fiddler
  • Demo 5 – Windows Live Sky Drive
  • Demo 6 – WPF Application Styling by guest speaker Jason Beres of Infragistics
  • Demo 7 – Visual Studio Tools for Office
  • Developer Community Update by Joe Healy

Special thanks to co-host Stan Schultes, Jason Beres of Infragistics, Carl Franklin, DeVry University Miramar, Joe Healy, the South Florida Code Camp Team and Attendees, and the many volunteers who made this show a reality!  

Special notes:

  • To use the Infragistics WPF Application Styling download, install the NetAdvantage Win Client and then install the Styling CTP  
  • Listen to Dot Net Rocks on March 26 for aninterview with Russ and Stan on filming of this show along with some exciting presentation tips and tricks.



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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Russ, great job! Next time get Joe to talk into his mic, but other than that, awesome, and thanks for coming to the Battle last night!
  • User profile image
    Hey Now Russ,

    That was such a fun session.  Russ TV Rocks.

  • User profile image
    Craig Lebowitz
    You guys are truly great presenters and I liked the fast pace.

    Jason did a great job showing the themeing and I'm sure the other viewers will agree that Stan's geospacial demo excited us about using this technology with our solutions!

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