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Series Introduction - 01

4 minutes, 20 seconds


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Welcome to this series of lessons about the C# programming language. In this episode, Bob Tabor from LearnVisualStudio.NET introduces the topic, sets expectations for the series, and provides tips on how to get the most out of it. Bob also tells you where you can download the software you'll need to get started and offers some encouragement as you begin your journey.

Download the entire series' source code

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Once you've finished watching this "Series Introduction", watch this video next to learn about changes to Visual Studio since this series was originally recorded.




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  • cool series, thanks Bob!

  • Greatness!!! Thank you Bob!


  • Great idea to make these videos. How about - for future - a similar course for T-SQL 2008?


  • AdiAdi

    Thank you Bob! Great series

  • There are many programming tutorial videos out there. But Bob's videos are done exceptionally well. I am a student and I've recommended this series to my entire class. Amazing work Bob!

  • JaneJane

    Great video series, and great idea! And I second the request for a similar series on for T-SQL (since almost all programming will need data & data-connections).

  • Diving in deep! Thanks Bob.

  • I loved the Windows Phone series! It so great to have a video series where you can watch how programming is done and program at the same time. Thanks Bob for the hard work and thanks Microsoft for supporting the video series!

  • IbaIba

    Bob it's a great time to hear how your videos are clean and easy to understand. Microsoft Visual Studio is too big and has lot of things. It's like I'm back to computer-science class. You are my favorite tecaher honestly. Iba

  • For T-SQL training I would definately check out http://www.trainingspot.com/ (sister site of www.learnvisualstudio.net )



  • Bob I have to say. The videos are very clean and understandable. I recommend these series to anyone who start playing around with C#. Inspired by your videos I start with a serie of fundamental code snippets at: http://www.koodr.com/search/fundamentals .

  • I have a high opinion of Bob's ability as a teacher from previous sessions so I was looking forward to seeing this.

    Sadly, there is no sound when I view it.


  • AndrewInMobileAndrewIn​Mobile

    @morepork. You can get sound by switching the format of the video to HTML5. Sadly, doing this seems to remove the option to go full screen, so... Ugh. Somebody fix this please.

  • Is there a way to get the mp4 files to play in Windows Media Player?

  • anowaranowar


  • NattNatt


  • WayneWayne

    very good learning source. I have just started to learn C# on my own about 4 months ago. i have found some good and some not so good resources. so far this is the best! You get right down and explain how and why the different parts work in a basic way that makes sence to me. That is what some of the other sources lacked. Thanks

  • @vespergo: @Adi:  @mantisGamer:  @vanDiesel:  @Iba:  @anowar:  @Natt:  @Wayne:  Thank you for all your very kind words of encouragement.  Best wishes to all who take the time to comment.  Much appreciated!


    @ciupaz:  @Jane:  Thanks!  I have found this to be true ... I've worked with the fine folks at Microsoft off and on for the past 8 years now and they ALWAYS take your requests very seriously.  In some form, I'm betting they'll deliver what you're asking for.


    @Chuhukon:  Very cool resource!


    @morepork:  @AndrewInMobile:  @calydon:  I would highly recommend that you use the Feedback link in the footer for issues like these.  The Channel9 team wants to know what is working and what isn't.  They're very receptive to these sorts of issues.  (Sadly, only I deliver the video it's out of my hands at that point.)  Hope you can get the issues ironed out.  Sad


    @gt5193:  Glad you liked that series ... it was partially the inspiration for all the Fundamentals series that are forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

  • Bhuvaneshbhuvanesh Learner !!

    Great Vids for Beginners !! Thanx BoB !!

  • Dear Bob... I have been following this series and downloaded the c# 2010 express edition. I had it before but reinstalled it and few other programs over and over and now problem is my intellisense is not working any of the IDE..(ie, c# 2010 express, vwd 2008 express, sql server management studio).

    I had uninstalled c# and installed it again but still its not working even i have checked it from every possible options and settings... can you suggest what could be wrong please as its very annoying writing code without intellisense.
    I am using windows 7 home professional 64bit



  • @a1riz: Sounds like you're having some serious issues.  As painful as this sounds, I would recommend a total re-install of the OS to freshen everything.  Takes several hours.  Take backups and lots of notes before you start.  I do this myself ... often.  Or, at least I did before employing virtual machines for every new videos series / software development project.

  • anonymosanonymos

    thank you for your help

  • Hello Bob Sir,

    First of all thanks alot for posting these great content, I am new to c#, I just want to know what are the topics that I need to more focus according to the real world application? Expecting reply from you Sir.

  • mohammedmohammed

    welcom sir
    iam programmer in oil company i want more free book for c# to take exam.

    mohammed walled

  • I subscribed in many .NET tutorials online, but I have never seen a powerful & an enjoyable tutorials like Mr.Bob's tutorials.

  • Mard OskMard Osk

    I have successfully installed VS C# 2010 Express Edition using Windows 7 and I have started on the excellent Visual C# 2010 Express Edition for Absolute Beginners video series. This is a minor hitch but when I first load the Hello World program I get the following warnings:

    1. Invalid search path '%lib%' specified ln 'LIB environment variable' -- 'The system cannot find the path specified.'

    2. Invalid search path 'c:\program files (x86)\devstudio\vc\mfc\lib' specified in 'LIB environment variable' -- 'The system cannot find the path specified.'

    3. Invalid search path 'c:\program files (x86)\devstudio\vc\lib' specified in 'LIB environment variable' -- 'The system cannot find the path specified.'

    However the program runs as it should. I am a beginner and I have no idea whether I should disregard this or try to resolve it and if so how?

  • Mard OskMard Osk

    In case others may encounter a similar annoyance, a kind soul in the VS C# 2010 Exp. forum provided the solution.

    Tools --> Options --> Environment --> Startup --> At start up:

    choose: Show empty environment

  • @anonymos: Thanks!

    @abluckyid: Did you watch the final video in this series?  The next things to focus on for "real world" applications are picking a user interface technology ... decide "web" or "windows" applications.  If "web", then the next logical place to head is ASP.NET.  If "windows", learn "Windows Presentation Foundation".  ALSO, you will want to learn how to work with databases, so you will want to learn a little about "SQL Server", particularly, how to create tables, write queries, etc.  THEN you will want to learn more about "ADO.NET" and the "Entity Framework".  Hope that helps!!!

    @mohammed: The best way to prep for the exams is experience.  Once you have a couple of years of experience, and need to make sure you are ready, the Transcender exams work best.  Best wishes!


    @abdullahsalem: Thanks for the link love.  Smiley  Glad you enjoy my work!  Much appreciated.


    @Mard Osk:  Glad you were able to figure this out with the help of the forums. Sorry I couldn't provide any insight.




  • Awesome Bob just went through the vb.net and now am starting on C# , so helpful for a noob like myself   Big Smile

  • @gerdi:  Cool!  You'll get bonus points for watching both.  Smiley  Personally, I think learning both makes you a better programmer AND makes you more valuable.  Good luck!

  • Learned some basic programing on punch cards back in the 70's while in university. Studied some MS Macro Assembly in the 80's on my own. It is a whole new world now and I'm just trying to catch up. Your lessons seem like a good place to start.

  • SweSwe


  • Xiaotian ChenXiaotian Chen

    @BobTabor, add English subtitle better. :)

  • @ethendrix: Wow, you've witnessed A LOT of change in your career.  Hope you enjoy this series!

    @Swe: I'll take that as a compliment.  Smiley

    @Xiaotian Chen: Subtitles are a great idea.  It's just very very time intensive and therefore, expensive.

  • Quick QuestionQuick Question

    Quick Question...
    What are the basic source codes for the skeletal tracking kinect features? Not sure where to find them.
    Thanks in advance

  • @Quick Question: Sorry, I think you took a left turn when you should have hung a right on the Channel9 home page.  Seek out Dan Fernandez's Kinect series on Channel9.  Good luck!


    Bob, awesome videos. But it takes me three hours to install visual studio after I download it. I end up pausing or cancelling it, because I feel there is a problem with my laptop. Does it generally take this long? Or is there something that needs to be fixed?


    Also, could you link me to similar tutorials for C++?

  • @ABC: Yeah, it should take like 20 minutes tops ... even if you're on a slow computer.  There could be a number of reasons for install failure ... pre-requisites not installing correctly, operating system in need of patches, disk full ... could be anything.  Have you searched for articles on this, "visual studio install times out"?  Perhaps someone else has run into it (and hopefully solved it)!

    re: C++ ... I'm not aware of any C++ tutorials but I imagine they're out there somewhere (!!!) ... I'm not a C++ guy, so I didn't create any.  Sorry!

  • Wow bobtabor teachs here? AWESOME guys trust me he is the BEST!

    Bob I'm getting ready for MCTS exams,Do u know where i can find practice examples?

    PS:I'm from Iran and we dont have credit cards(embargo Perplexed )! Sad Sad( Sad

  • vivekvivek


  • @saeidbekewl: I honestly do not know of anyone who does this besides Transcender.  Good luck!

  •  Thanks bob Big Smile

  • adnanadnan

    hi sir, you're my all time favorite online teacher because your method of teaching is very well, you speak English so accurately, sir i wanna ask you that where i can get your asp.net complete video series freely

    best regard's,
    adnan qadir

  • Prashant KansalPrashant Kansal

    Brilliant stuff Bob!!! Thats the way, I always wanted to be taught a programming language.

    Thank you.

  • ziazia

    i am from afghanistan i trying to find good c# learning but now i successed to find the good learning thank you bob
    i want to learn about ADO

  • akafortesakafortes

    "Your favorite search engine, like Bing.com"

    nice try man :D

  • @akafortes: lol  Tongue Out

  • HungPDHungPD

    Hello everyone!
    I'm from VietNam.
    My English is not good.
    Do you have englishsub all video?

  • Bob FoleyBob Foley

    I would suggest y'all incorporate a facility/link after introduction video offering a tenderfoot to gracefully get the needed VISUAL STUDIO Express on the student's system.. I had become able to build a single Form app with VB6 thinking it necessary to learn the.NET choosing to be patient and learn from the ground up probably filling in a gap or two in my heretofore gained ability. Once I've got my VS Express on-board ,ready to do some serious learnin'...

  • NiyaziNiyazi

    will u tell about this errors? I wanted to great GUI program by using Visual Studio 2010 please reply me
    Error 1 Program 'C:\Users\NiyaziHasanov\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WindowsFormsApplication4\WindowsFormsApplication4\obj\x86\Debug\WindowsFormsApplication4.exe' has more than one entry point defined: 'WindowsFormsApplication4.Program.Main()'. Compile with /main to specify the type that contains the entry point. C:\Users\NiyaziHasanov\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WindowsFormsApplication4\WindowsFormsApplication4\Program.cs 13 21 WindowsFormsApplication4

    Error 2 'maximumValue.Form1.Dispose(bool)': no suitable method found to override C:\Users\NiyaziHasanov\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WindowsFormsApplication4\WindowsFormsApplication4\Form1.Designer.cs 14 33 WindowsFormsApplication4

    Error 3 Program 'C:\Users\NiyaziHasanov\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WindowsFormsApplication4\WindowsFormsApplication4\obj\x86\Debug\WindowsFormsApplication4.exe' has more than one entry point defined: 'maximumValue.maximumValue.Main()'. Compile with /main to specify the type that contains the entry point. C:\Users\NiyaziHasanov\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WindowsFormsApplication4\WindowsFormsApplication4\Form1.cs 192 21 WindowsFormsApplication4

  • Thank you Bob for this fantastic series. It was a great learning experience in the entire series. Smiley

    Really appreciate your efforts.

  • JaiJai


    Thank you soo much! You are awesome :)

  • DuncanDuncan

    Bob, i think ur the best..you made understanding C#. really appreciated. be blessed

  • DanielDaniel

    This is the greatedt community on the planet!! :-)

  • DanielDaniel

    **...greatest community...**

    I'm joining right now!!

  • @Niyazi: Sorry I didn't see this until now.  The problem is that if you create a WPF or a Windows Forms application and then modify the Main() method, you'll get those results.  Please follow the instructions for this series exactly ... by creating Console Applications.  In the future, when you're ready to build WPF or Windows Forms applications you probably will approach developing applications completely differently -- you will not modify the Main() method, the "entry point" of the application, because the Visual Studio template will initialize the form or other important startup objects.

    @HungPD: I know Channel9 is considering how best to do subtitles in the future.

    @Bob Foley: Good suggestion.  Thanks!

    @niketshah: Thank you for the nice words!

    @Jai: Thank you!  YOU are awesome!  Smiley

    @Duncan: Great!  Glad C# is sticking for you!

    @Daniel: Very cool.  Thanks Daniel!

  • Mido ZizoMido Zizo

    Thank you so much for these nice series of C#.
    Already I have finished series of Windows Phone 7 for absolute beginners.

  • naggnagg

    Hello Bob its awesome class...thanks a lot...
    but i getting error:1520 while compiling the code. i'm using windows 7 64-bit.

  • @nagg: Two things.  First, CAREFULLY follow the instructions exactly.  You typed something incorrectly, thus the exception 1520.  Second, if you can't quite get this right that's ok ... that's the point of this little exercise -- to show you it's not fun or easy to do things outside of Visual Studio (even if it is possible).  You should prefer to use Visual Studio -- you now can attest to the fact that it will be challenging without it.  Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Bob for your Words...

    I'm doing good in visual studio(2012)...but getting error by using cmd. I donno much about How to use cmd.

  • AlexAlex

    I like the smile during the Bing recommendation.

  • thanks

  • zhangelizhangeli

    hello i'm chinese I do't understand many words but i want to learn

  • NishantNishant

    i have a doubt about the memory allocation system(in c++). suppose we have created a stack using an array implementation which has been allocated memory dynamically , so while popping out values if the destructor has been called somewhere in case of function (most probably) then the stack go out of scope. is there any way in any other language by which we can retrieve that stack(which is out of scope)again so as to read or pop remaining values.

  • NishantNishant

    hello bob !!
    please link me regarding good device driver programming stuffs from any of your colleague's website like your learnvisualstudio.net...

  • Tank you!


  • mr blakemr blake

    hi, i just want to say something about this video...


  • Love this. Very cool !

  • Li YunLi Yun

    Thanks Bob , I've downloaded all your series. I just love it , Awesome!

  • AbiAbi

    Thanks Bob :) no words to describe the series.... U r the best .....

  • Bhaskar JoshiBhaskar Joshi

    its awesome thanks from my bottom of heart

  • Bob, You are awesome!.... I can't thank you enough... I'm really grateful the way you dive into details. I'm a novice into programming and this series help me a lot, lot... so thank you.

  • azemiiazemii


    do i have to know html5 css3 and javascript before i can make an app

    from azemii

  • JonRJonR

    I went through lessons 14 and 15, and there seem to be a couple issues. At the begining of the video for lesson 15, the program is different from the end of 14, even though it is supposed to be where 14 ended. Also, the source code for 15 only has ByRefByVal, no SimpleClasses.

  • JokemJokem

    Bob, This tutorial is really good. My problem is I have the 2012
    version and the differences are enough to throw me off.

    Is there a version of this for 2012?

  • JokemJokem

    How do I find Solution Explorer in the 2012 version?

  • Looks like bob has left the building,,,,,

    But just in case:

    Thanks for the series, and the clarification in the "addendum" video. 

    I was concerned over where to start in programming, but I have heard from quite a few that C# and Java were the best options for a "noob".  Then I considered which would be better for business computing.  Java sort of failed in this aspect as many businesses are "scared" to use anything really created in Java, but feel C# is more a "real" language for their business applications. 

    As another point, Visual C# 2012 also (from what I saw)  is great to create Windows Metro Apps (or whatever the "real" name of it is), but I keep being told of the NEED to learn a foundation in desktop application development first.  This seems to be the way to go, learn desktop development with these tutorials and the book that I purchased on the cheap ($4.50) at a local used store on C# 2010.  Then, get a book on creating the "metro" style apps in 2012 after getting comfy creating little applications for the desktop.

    Oughta be a wild ride Smiley


  • JokemJokem

    Yes it looks like Bob is incommunicado.
    I have had a few problems with reconciling the 2010 videos with the 2012 version.

    In Lesson17 I can't get the dll to add in to the references.

    In Lesson23 I can't get the wpf 'Button' to work like the video.

    If you have a resource that can help me with this please post it

  • NheryNhery

    Howcome it always bufffers I cant watch the video simultaneously ? I have a high speed internet :/

  • DanielDaniel

    Could you please tell me with which software do you record the screen ?
    thank you very much


    Hello BOB,
    I developed a windows application in vb.net for managing mail from our company. It is an application that stores the access haul road in a database sql express. I want to redo the same application in C # that both client / server with a windows form or web form as the interface to the customer. Can I have indicated to make this application.
    thank you

  • chrischris

    doesnt play in chrome, well not in my version anyway, probably something to do with work

  • xuyxuy

    Hi ,Bob

    It is a very good series which can lead beginners to learn the correct way of C# programming fast and easily. Also the explanation in the series is circumstantial.

    However,it is really difficult for people whose mother language is not English to listen to  you. Could you add some captions on the video? Thanks.

  • joshmjoshm

    Is there a button somewhere to advance to the next video quickly and simply, or is should I be requesting the addition of something like that?

  • fernandafernanda

    why i can't watch it?

  • @BobTabor I much appreciate you did this.

    I never wrote a piece of C# code in my life before watching your videos.

    Clear language, charming and straight ahead. Few minutes long videos that are fitting in exactly what is needed to teach at that moment you have to be explained about without any complicated matter that blurs out the focal point.

    I tryed several self learning systems, books, videos from other series. To me a total waste of time, money and I was in doubt to retry myself the exp with this series. In a couple of evenings I am up to lesson 6 without missing a point. Wow. So far ahead and I am still eye-open-wise: no stress, not a problem, nothing unclear. (Just one thing not explained yet: when if or else is used you do not put ";" a the end and I guess why you do not tell us why... I am just curious about).

    I like to see the face of who is teaching you what to do, good to see you there on the right spot all time. Also great to look at some suggestions and summary at the end. A suggestions could be to open on the right the green-backgrounded tab and place in what you teach point by point.

    Great. Thank you Bob.

  • Sorry everyone ... I rely on RSS feeds to let me know that I have new questions in the queue.  Not sure how all of these got missed ... I'll try to catch up!

  • MattMatt

    Hi, Bob.
    I've installed the Windows Phone SDK 8.0, but it doesn't appear to have a C# Console Template so I can follow along with your videos. How best to move forward? Many thanks!

  • Love it Bob ,now i am really excited to learn .NET than before Angel


  • Hernandes SilvaHernandes Silva

    Hi, Bob.

    I'll be really happy, if you could let available subtitles for these videos, because my English is not very good.

    Thanks for this rich content for study C#.


  • Great Informative videos.

    Thanks Bob.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Matt: The windows phone SDK only will install Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone,  For this series, you'll either need the professional version of Visual Studio or Visual Studio 2012 for Desktop or VS 2010 express for c#

  • Salman AhmedSalman Ahmed

    Videos are great ,helps a lot.
    When we watch these videos online they are just simply awesome ,but when we download these videos ,the quality of videos are not so good and we can't even see the codes properly.
    thank you

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Salman Ahmed: We removed the smooth streaming versions for that reason.  What videos are you having issues with?

    Worst case, download the high quality versions

  • dimasdimas

    nice job.
    great explanation.
    thanks Bob!

  • Chris HChris H


    Thank you for doing these videos. I have been "self-teaching" myself .NET for the last year or so mainly by trial and error by creating a small application and have slowly built it into a more complex and feature rich application while learning concepts and things along the way with various resources found on the internet. I stumbled across your videos and have found them a great resource. Things i was doing successfully in my training application that i just did because it worked now make more sense now and you have helped me grasp the fundamentals and the why things work the way they do much better then i could learn by reading in books which really didn't serve me well. I know you get this a lot but thank you so much i really do appreciate this and after i complete a few more of the lessons on channel 9 i intend to go to your website at www.learnvisualstudio.net and go through your core C# curriculum there as well.

    Also what is that black square electronic with blue lights that is behind your head on a lot of the videos (especially in the C# videos)

    Thanks again!

  • RezoanRezoan

    In a word, NICE !!
    just looking for something like this.... hope that, will be enjoy your lesson.

    thanks BOB sir.

  • JonRJonR

    Going to re-iterate what I said a while back, as I don't seem to have gotten a response.

    I went through lessons 14 and 15, and there seem to be a couple issues. At the begining of the video for lesson 15, the program is different from the end of 14, even though it is supposed to be where 14 ended. Also, the source code for 15 only has ByRefByVal, no SimpleClasses.

  • Thank you Bob . i am very scared of programming i hope  this way i will understand it  better . thanks again .

  • Fahad AliFahad Ali

    Hello Bob!
    Im really a biggest fan of your Teaching. I've just completed your this Video series of C# Fundamentals. But really wanna have a PDF of this C# Fundamental series. Please give the download link if you already have that one...
    Thanks respected Sir :)

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Fahad Ali: sorry, we don't have that for this series.

  • Great video!! Is there a pdf version for downloading ?

  • FahadFahad

    So kindly suggest me a best book for C# Programming language that covers all C# Topics precisely...

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @janusuer: sorry, not for this series.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Fahad: c# has a massive footprint and covers tons of topics.  All depends on what style of book you want as well.  learn by doing style, just "here are APIs" (if that is what you want, just check out MSDN.  I got CLR via C# but that talks about a bit lower level than I think you want to do.

  • SuhaibSuhaib

    What is the difference between C# and C++ ?

    Thank You,

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Suhaib: C++ is a much older language that has influenced C#.  There are a lot of differences but a lot of similarities.



  • @BobTabor:

    I already have Visual Studio 2010 Shell installed. Do i still need to install Visual Studio Express Edition in order to follow these videos?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @DaveTheLearner: I am not sure exactly what is included compiler wise with just that.  assume you do.

  • JonRJonR


    Mr. Tabor said he would check back here as his feed was broken, but seems he hasn't. Could you answer my question I posted before?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @JonR: doing a series is hard, I'm assuming to use the SimpleClass from episode 14.

  • JonRJonR

    Ok, thank you.

  • Muzamil IsmailMuzamil Ismail

    Thankyou Sir,
    You are my first Teacher on internet. I have so much respect for you. May ALLAH TALA bless you and give you happiness in whole life of your's.

  • CodingMumCodingMum

    Although the IDE on my computer is now a little bit different (and in German, too...), I managed to write my first c# program with the help of your video! Thank you very much! It was inspiring to know that coding still works on the command line, which reminds me of the old days back in the 90s :-)
    Do you happen to know anyone who does the same type of teaching video for C# in German? This could be helpful for my son, who is interested in coding, but not very advanced in English.

  • SteveSteve

    I see there's a C# for beginners series of videos on LearnVisualStudio.NET. Would you recommend users watch the videos on that site, or the videos here on Channel 9?

  • max nairmax nair

    Thank you Bob,
    I am an absolute beginner in programming, I am taking your video lessons and I have taken u you as my "Guru"!

  • SteveSteve

    Okay - let me try it this way. . . .

    What are the main differences - if any - between these C# courses on Channel9 and the C# courses on LearnVisualStudio.NET?


  • Hi,

    I'm an very experienced Visual Basic 6 developer and I want to start learning everything's there's to learn about developing applications for Windows Phone 8 and/or Windows 8.1. Even though I'm a VB guy, I think I'd better move into C# in order to achieve my goal. What do you think? Should I move into C# or into VB .NET (which would be an easier path for me, of course).

    Which sites / videos do you recommend? It's important to refer that I have never worked with .NET, and I don't know nothing about it's dev environment.

    Best regards,


    (from Porto Alegre, Brasil)



  • Amais BajwaAmais Bajwa

    Thank you so much for all these courses about Windows Phone app development.I have just completed WP8app dev for beginners, it contains a PDF book.If you also have a PDF book of this course please add download link.

  • PeterPeter

    tnx Bob yr tutorials really helped,much appreciated and all the best

  • Hi Dear BoB!
    First of all thanks you very much.... dear Sir, I m a student and I have studied Java fundamentals, and some what VB.NET ... but I want to move on to C#  and want to start developing windows 8 apps.Sir, what you suggest about it? Is it a good idea to start developing windows 8 platform apps using C# and Visual Studio???

  • AlperAlper

    Super tutorials.But I don't understand english.Microsoft Turkey lazy for translate this.

  • Danish HabibDanish Habib

    Thanks bob I ever learn the good tutorials by you i just started the series and have ambition to dive in deep

  • @Bob...

    these videos seem to be really cool .... i have a request, i am into testing, so if there are any video posts on coded UI testing that would be so helpful. i would owe my life in tht case :) \m/

  • Hi have a question concerning tabControl object.  I want to have 4 tabs and put different operations on each one. Such as Add, Edit , Remove , View. If have the right understanding, I want it to call a method to fill the page for the selected tab. I used the tabcontrol1.Selected(object sender, TabControlEventArgs e) method. then tried using a switch (e) statement but keep getting errors no matter what I try casting the value of e to). If you show me an example on doing this or lead me in the correct way I would surly be thankful.

  • @BobTabor: Thank for your video! My internet connection is so bad and I wanna download these captions, can you send me srt files? Thanks

  • DonDon

    Is it just me, or is there nothing in this series at all about models and views? It seems like those things would be pretty important for understanding MVC. Is there a follow up series or something somewhere for people who aren't just working in a console window and want to understand making web based applications where views are called, and models are used?

  • usama khalilusama khalil

    the time when this video was published, there was no MVC in .NET.

  • ManhNguyenManhNguyen

    I am newbie. I am not good at Japanese but the subtitle is one and I cannot understand. Let show me how I can change the subtitle in English. Thank you!!

  • Excelent.... thanks

  • xiaosongxiaosong

    Very thank you, we can see the video I am very happy, also very want to know more people at the same time, we learn from each other,My email dcxs100@163.com My QQ is 1141821756 My name is zhangsong

  • MalachiMalachi

    Hey Bob, My name's Malachi. I just finished the series today my question for you is, I want to make an app for Windows Phones now. I want to go straight into that. Where do you recommend I go to learn about that?

  • Great series sire!!

    I just now finished it now i want more of it. where do you suggest me to look for??

    Is there any sequel to this series by you,if so please provide the link.

  • PranaveshwarPranaveshwar

    Thanks Bob, I was literally in dilemma with this language in my undergraduate college.. Thank you so much.. you saved my life.. :)!!

  • pragati srivastavapragati srivastava

    its very helpful for beginners.

  • MariosMarios

    Great series !! Thank you

  • Could you please do a tutorial on C++ for beginners 

  • paulpaul

    great work Bob..... you are the best

  • sujathasujatha

    do you have video for C#.net

  • NouiNoui

    you are the best
    Excelent.... thanks


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