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Learn how CodeLens will help you understand you find items related to your code without leaving the editor.
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Video available in: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.





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The Discussion

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    Fascinating feature


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    Absolutely outstanding feature!

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    Yeah, this feature would be great if it didn't require the enterprise version ($13,299 for the Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN). I think it's a really neat feature, but is it worth only being in the Enterprise Edition?

    Come on, why even bother to make a video of this feature. This just pisses me off!

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    Come on, guys! Let's start twitter warfare right away #IWantCodeLens. I've already started Tongue Out


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    I don't believe it, what is the point of having a 3 minute video on the start screen telling how this feature is going to help, when in fact I don't even have access to the feature. what was the point of me upgrading to MSDN Premium??

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    Its a great feature, but only available in Enterprise, probably because VS2013 lacks other source safe, unit testing frame work integration. With Enterprise edition, MS Team believes that the enterprise has VSTFS, MS Unit Testing frameworks etc. to enable the codeLens...

    I do appreciate the good work, and is a neat feature should be extended to all other versions, with some interface to other Testing & Source safe frameworks..  Can any one please confirm if my understanding is true...?

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    Don't waste my time with features that are only available in Visual Studio Ultimate for +$13,000. Its nice but not that nice.

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    I work for a pretty large global company with thousands of developers, they can't afford to pay that ridiculous amount for these features for all of the,. Any idea who can? Maybe small companies with a few devs, but then in that case why would you shell out for all the 'Team' base features. Microsoft are really missing a trick here.

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    I am pleased with this great feature, want more videos about how to integrate test result across the team via TFS, otherwise it is forcing US to execute in all developers machine.

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    Why doesn't the clip announce that this feature is only available in the Ultimate edition? Great feature but most disappointing that this is not available in the Premium or other editions. Come on MS!

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    awesome feature

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    Ambhrin Dhar

    Is CodeLens available for VS 2012? If yes then how can I get that?

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    Cool feature, but as everybody else is saying, only on Enterprise Edition?... not even Premium? Bummer!

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    Jason Stevenson

    CodeLens does not appear to find any xaml usages of a type. Fortunately Resharper does. So be careful cleaning up ViewModels when CodeLens says there are 0 references.

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