GoingNative 33: C++ Refactoring in Visual Studio 2015

Play GoingNative 33: C++ Refactoring in Visual Studio 2015

The Discussion

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    Guy Micciche

    Looks good. Definitely include all those things you said to email you about. Those features look amazing!

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    Very good features indeed. Hopefully we get to use these in our organizations pretty soon.

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    In the code extraction case, why do we deduce the parameter type to be `TimeSpan&` instead of `const TimeSpan&`? I understand you are basing that on the type of local variable used as the argument (which is non-const), but it should be relatively easy to figure out none of the extracted code is calling a non-const member function of the parameter?

    Automatically deducing `TimeSpan&` seems to encourage bad coding practices and is actually worse than just use `TimeSpan`.

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    Peter Sommerlad

    If you want to try one of the mentioned other C++ refactoring tools with many more refactorings, take a look at http://cevelop.com

    At least the toggling of function definitions that i invented is something my friends from Microsoft got inspired by.

    Btw, cevelop will also work with microsofts compiler.

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    Nice job Gabriel!  Definitely much needed improvements, can't wait to try them out.

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    @liux0229: Sorry for the late reply! The deduction limitation is a known limitation of our compiler, from which extract function gets its information (in order to make robust other aspects of the feature). So in short...we're working on it =P

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    very nice! good job

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