GoingNative 36: Cross-Platform Mobile Development in VS2015

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Today's episode is somewhat overdue, as the Cross-Platform Mobile Development experience has actually been in VS2015 previews since, well, Preview. Join us in today's packed episode as we go behind the scenes with Ankit and Ion on how the experience came to pass, what Visual Studio can bring to the table -- there are certainly other tools that provide solutions for this scenario -- favorite features, and challenges, all in less than 15 minutes ;)

[00:10] New office!
[00:43] What is Cross-Platform Mobile Development?
[01:02] Is this episode for me?

[01:36] Meet n' Greet
[02:55] Why CPMD?
[04:29] What VS brings to the table
    [04:34] Ease of acquisition - "One-Stop Shop"
    [05:31] Leveraging the VS debugger
[06:15] Favorite Features
    [06:20] Logcat
    [06:38] The One-Stop Shop - Acquisition
    [07:05] The One-Stop Shop - Less time, less hassle
    [07:29] VS Debugger
    [07:47] Code Sharing
    [08:29] Asynchronous Device Detection
    [08:40] Clang + GCC integration
[08:49] Customer feedback thus far
[10:41] To the viewers - Action Items!
    [10:59] Non-CPM Devs - try out our integration of other compilers!
    [11:37] CPM Devs - feedback, feedback, feedback!
[12:06] The nitty-gritty challenges (heavily summarized =P)

Links: Click here for the demo!



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