GoingNative 40: Updated STL in VS 2015 (feat. STL)

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We're pleased to inform you that VS 2015 is pretty awesomely on par with C++ conformance! But even if you're not a VS user, learn about some neat new STL features, featuring our very own, one-and-only STL! (that's Stephan T. Lavavej)

[01:02] Meet the real STL =)
[02:00] VS 2015 Conformance Status
[03:01] User-defined literals
    [03:37] Improvements to chrono
        [05:06] Basic profiling example
[07:34] VS 2015 Debugger freebie - inline timing!
[08:01] Convenience utility for tuples, e.g. access by type
[11:52] Reader-writer locks
[16:03] map::insert_or_assign
[19:17] Uniform container erasure
[24:38] Removing auto_ptr, etc.

[32:23] Out with the old, in with the new

It's been awesome making these; please welcome and enjoy the new Gabriel!

meow.cpp (the source file in the video)
Download VS 2015 RTM

Contacts: scarroll/gdr/gaha at microsoft dot com



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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    oh, nice to see STL again :P

    nice stuff and great work for VC2015, thanks.

    btw, I'd like to hear about these stuff in future releases of GoingNative, CLANG + C2 work from CodeGen team, mordern static analysis + string_view/vector_view/not_null types from Compiler and Language Platform team (a)


  • User profile image

    Thanks for the feedback.  we will definitely do an ep on Clang/C2 and static analysis.   I'll probably want to do Clang/C2 once we have preview bits out and we'll schedule the static analysis and safe libraries stuff for right after CppCon.

  • User profile image

    In fact, I'm working on Clang/C2 now, getting the STL and its tests to be compatible.

  • User profile image

    oh thats very nice :P

  • User profile image
    Mannix Declaro

    to all video and TV post just try and make thi happen.

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