GoingNative 44: ISOC++ @Kona Debriefing

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The Discussion

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    A nice, concise update on things. Thanks for taking the time to produce this.

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    I'm curious about Gor's attitude towards Coroutines belong in a TS.

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    thank you for the update, but
    I must say that renaming of keywords is horrible. Every language I know uses yield as a keyword and people from finance can call their yield y1eld or yi3ld, this is ridiculous.
    Also order of evaluation - I do not like it, since it prevents optimizations.
    Other than that nice updates, thank you very much.

    If you take feedback from users:
    next time you talk to ISO ppl can you please ask them this:
    recently Alexandrescu said that wrt exporting templates and modules C++ is missing the point because macros should be replaced by modern alternative(mixins, etc.). Is any hope of this for C++20/22?

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    These two guys make a good couple!

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