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    I’m really stoked to see what is coming at BUILD this year. I also appreciate this IoT show you are providing. This will be a big help getting developers updated on how to get started with Win 10 IoT and also things we made not have thought about.

    While my wish list is probably too long for you to cover during the live session at BUILD, here are some ideas I would love to see covered over the next weeks/months.

    NOTE: Since it appears that an image for Win 10 IoT is coming to Raspberry Pi 2 at BUILD, the following will be related to that platform.
    -Detailed tutorial on Raspberry Pi 2 hardware. Yes, you can find this info in other material. However, this info could be added to an overall exercise with items below. Example: What is the pinout of the 2x20 connector and what each pin can be used for.
    - Tutorial getting the Win 10 IoT image loaded onto hardware.
    - Tutorial on the architecture, file system and how to see memory usage & processes running.
    o I think the architecture/files will be very important and should be explained in detailed (possibly throughout many sessions). While most developers won’t get down into that deep of a level to understand, it would be very beneficial to have the material provided so the ones that are interested can have a place to learn about it.
    - How to connect to debug port and command line.
    - End-to-end project to create an app explaining some of the GUI controls and communicating with on-board hardware (GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet, etc.)
    - How to download app to hardware and debug (step through code).
    - Detailed tutorial on developing a Kernel Mode driver and best practices.
    - Detailed tutorial on developing a User Mode driver and best practices.
    NOTE: There is some material from WinHEC for 2 items directly above, but would be nice to provide more details. Maybe detail a particular chip to control in driver, etc. In other words, dumb it down for someone like me getting started with IoT :)
    - Thoughts and best practices when to create a User/Kernel Mode driver versus using the provided Windows.Devices.XXX APIs.
    - Thoughts about time critical scenarios. Example: Maybe there is a tight time to read/write data on serial port.
    - Tutorials of connecting to Azure and using Stream Analytics, etc.
    - How to image the configuration and app to run when powering the hardware.

    Tutorial on more advance topics.
    - What if I’m a manufacturing and developing a product with the same processor as the Raspberry Pi 2 includes. How would we configure the image as pins may be connected to other on-board hardware.

    Hopefully provided examples in various languages C#/VB, C/C++, Node.js, Python, etc.

    Please, please, please bring Win 10 IoT to BeagleBone Black.

    Lastly, and as mentioned in previous IoT Show videos, keep this show going. Lots of great stuff to cover. Thanks a bunch :)

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    shaggygi - Thanks for the extensive wishlist! We'll take that into account. :) Great content ideas!

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