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Join Microsoft evangelists Marlowe Daily and Kevin Remde as they discuss what makes a modern PC and peek into future hardware trends that are coming to market in the Windows device category.Microsoft-Store-Event-Palo-Alto

  • [1:26] How do you define an “old” PC?
  • [3:34] So then, what’s a “modern” PC?
  • [16:00] Are there things happening in the hardware market today that is a prediction of things to come?
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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    You want to know what the future of the PC should look like? Buy a Windows 7 machine or a Mac or a Linux box. You want to know what an OS that is full of buzzwords and has everything EXCEPT what people actually want? Look at Windows 10.

    It was real simple. All we wanted was Windows 7 with the enhancements of Windows 8. I would have paid good money just for that. In fact, I would gladly pay $300 or more for it. There is a reason why PC sales are down, it is because Microsoft didn't listen and instead thought know-nothing know-it-all analysts and focus groups and the book knowledge mean something. It is real simple: if an improved Windows 7 is not brought to market, we will call Windows 8 the beginning of the end for Microsoft. I, for one, will never install Windows 10. And it not because of its abhorrence of my privacy. It is because the terms clearly say that it is licensed, not owned. Which means someone has control, not me.

    Shopping for PC's shouldn't be painful. It should have Windows 7 PC's everywhere.

  • User profile image
    David HT

    As a person that beta test for Microsoft let me try to explain windows 10. Windows 10 ties all Microsoft software and devises together. My windows phone I can do something on and save it to One Drive go to my tablet and pick up where I left off on the phone and so on. This was not possible with Windows 7 each device was using different languages. When Microsoft introduced Windows 8 they were getting the manufactures of hardware and software to adopt to the new language that would be in Windows 10. This has been the concept of Bill Gates ever since he came out with Windows 3.0 but it was not possible to just go from one to the other. AND AS FOR THE LICENSE I HATE TO TELL YOU THAT IS TRUE WITH ANY SOFTWARE BECAUSE THE COMPANY HAS A PATIENT ON THE SOFTWARE. SO IT IS CLEAR THAT YOU DIDN'T READ THE LICENSE AGREEMENT IN WINDOWS 7.

  • User profile image

    Wade, I sure agree with you, and HT David sure sounds like
    the same corporate crap I hear from MS. Win-8 is so ridiculous
    with the 2 working screens it is like they made one screen for dummies. They could have put all those stupid boxes, into the desktop page and they could have gotten away with much less criticism.

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