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The Acer Spin and Swift 7 are Impossibly thin and incredibly light. Watch this video where we hear all about the engineering, build process and features of these amazing new laptops. These laptops are Skype for Business Certified which is a new program that helps to ensure excellent voice and video conferencing experiences out of the box on these devices.  AcerAvailabaleNow

  • [2:20] Tell us a bit about the thinking behind the design for the new Swift 7
  • [4:53] Usually this type of thin design comes with tradeoffs right, so what kind of specs and features can we expect with this device?
  • [8:12] How does the design of the Spin 7 compare to the Swift 7?
  • [12:19] How does the display compare on the Spin 7

Learn more about the Swift 7

Learn more about the Spin 7


Acer Swift 7 – The World’s Thinnest Laptop

Cutting-edge technology wrapped in the world’s thinnest, ultra-light, versatile laptop design is what gives Acer’s Swift 7 its distinguished sleekness and sophistication. Tailored for life-on-the-go professionals, the Swift 7 leverages powerful processing and the fastest wireless connectivity to deliver a timeless portable computing experience. Combine that with its 13.3 inch FHD IPS display, stylish aluminum chassis and an extra-long battery life, and you quickly see why this PC delivers a most memorable multimedia experience.

Acer Spin 7 – The World’s Thinnest Convertible

Life can spin you any direction. And the Acer Spin 7—the world’s thinnest convertible laptop—is the perfect companion to take along on the journey. Ultra slim, super light and equipped with the newest 7th gen Intel Core i7 processing and long battery life, this boundless device oozes versatility and fun. It has a compact 14 inch Full HD IPS Display for great viewing anywhere! Moves fluidly between four modes to enhance your ability to manage social media, connect with friends, surf the web or work on projects. Boundless opportunity awaits you!

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