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Migrating EDMX projects to Entity Framework Core

Play Migrating EDMX projects to Entity Framework Core

The Discussion

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    Thank you for this! Very important that we don't have to switch to ef core at the same time we switch to .netcore. That we can split the conversion into 2 steps, helps a lot!

    And thank you EF power tools.

    May I ask for the reason(s) for NOT having the edmx anymore? It's sooo pretty and quite simple to use so making the switch is such a tough decision.
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    Yes, I'd also like to know why EDMX is no longer supported and database first has essentially been dropped.

    To the users who don't need cross platform support, all these "enhancements" are sometimes hard to swallow when existing features are being taken away.

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    @JWood. EF6 still supports EDMX and database first. This has not changed. EF Core has a different architectural foundation that is not based on a common EDM, and hence does not support EDM files like EDMX. However, database first is still supported in EF Core.

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    No doubt it is just because of being on the Core that has attracted me to WPF & XAML!
    Thanks buddies!!
    Excellent Video!

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