Design Patterns: Decorator

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for a great series!  I hope there are more episodes in the future.

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    Thanks a lot for this great series! Pls continue to the other design patterns.

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    I've Finished these episodes of Design Patterns in 1/2 day! It was great gave me the ability to think differently than before!

    Although you did explained it perfectly, I think many junior devs like me would love to see some real-business-domain examples using ASP MVC or any other platform in .NET!


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    Thanks for the great series, was a great overview/introduction to some of the patterns.

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    Hi, I'd quite like to see the Visitor pattern done.

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    I liked the series, but... the episodes are characterized by poor explanations, this last episode is without exception, across all of the episodes I never came away with the feeling, that I could implement any of the concepts easily or that the "light bulb" would stay on after I left! and instead have had to go and find better explanations elsewhere (more time in the episodes should have been made available) which I feel is where the failure in the course is actually is. Not enough time is shown as to what the code is doing or using the debugger to show the direction in which the code is really going, shame really because the series sounded very promising. 

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