.NET with Scott Hunter Part 1

Play .NET with Scott Hunter Part 1

The Discussion

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    Are you thinking about supporting Web with MAUI? You got the webassembly from Blazor and then you would need to implement the UI components on top of the web stack (something similar but without webassembly is being done by Google with Flutter).

    These are very interesting times indeed! I love the way .NET is evolving and an UI framework for iOS, Android, Windows and Web sounds incredible!!

    Keep the great job. I've being programming with .NET since .NET 1.0 and it has always been a good decision. Now it even looks better.

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    Bill Paxton

    Sounds good. I assume we can look forward to WinForms on the web?

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    Thanks for the discussion! .NET MAUI will be part of .NET 5, right?

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