.NET with Scott Hunter Part 2

Play .NET with Scott Hunter Part 2

The Discussion

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    Thanks Robert for these questions! and Scott for your honesty in the answers. Bravo!! .. I hope you can implement a designer for Blazor .. at some point .. it would be great .. and also to generate more competitive advantages between frameworks .. RAD or similar ..

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    Tarek Madwar

    Something extreemly important, You please need to address it.
    It sucks when i as a developer wants to publich and xamarin application into Apple store and to Google store. Too much work to get embedded. Please make this as simple as just putting my Apple Store developer email and password and that is it, same way with google store.

    Something is also extreemly important, it is very bad to update the android and the iphone apps especially with many chnages is happening to the ios and android os. when they are releasing a new os they are NOT concederin a backword compatibility, as a developer i found the only solution is to send the screen design to the mobile app using xml data and then building the screen on the fly, just to go away from the stupid way that OSs are dealing with updates.

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    Tarek Madwar

    Another important point please to conceder,

    Why does a web developer builds an application for Android/IOS ?
    The answer is simple, there are only few things that a native app can do but web app does not allow:
    1- Notifications
    2- Usage of local Hardware (Cam, Mic, Speaker , Storage ...)

    Practically when a developer builds the xamarin app to do the above points, the only one thing shared among enviromets is the screen design, but when we want to make a notification w are forced to make a code inside the native ios project and another code inside android project, Why s that !!!? why is not there any single library that simply allowes me to make a notification !!?
    i am very sure that microsoft can simply do it because both native projects are working on microsoft libraries after all, so why the developer has to go into all of these details just to do a simple thing (make a notification).

    Why a developer has to make an account under some company service to send notifications, why not Ole link direct with native app, what if one of the companies that provides these services ahs decided to stop them !!!

    Why my iphone application can't be directly sent to my clients, why do i have to publish it into Apple store and get their approval, why can't i send the ipa file directly to the hardware, my client does own the hardware he/she purchased and he/she is happy to accept my application, why do i need apple company approval for that, i don't want to participate in (apple store nor in google store) the same way i can send my apk file to android i should do with iphone.

    And by the way apple company does not have the right on the hardware itself after selling it, if they hae rules on thier OS, that does not mean they can controll the hardware that was already been given for a price to client. Microsoft framework should allow me to send my ipa file directly to iphones, and by the way some application already does the ame from small companies.

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