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Visual Studio 2013 Preview is here with lots of exciting new features across Windows Store, Desktop and Web development. Dmitry Lyalin joins Robert for a whirlwind tour of this preview of the next release of Visual Studio, which is now available for download. Dmitry and Robert show the following in this episode:

  • Recap of Team Foundation Service announcements from TechEd [02:00], including Team Rooms for collaboration, Code Comments in changesets, mapping backlog items to features
  • IDE improvements [11:00], including more color and redesigned icons, undockable Pending Changes window, Connected IDE and synchronized settings
  • Productivity improvements [17:00], including CodeLens indicators showing references, changes and unit test results, enhanced scrollbar, Peek Definition for inline viewing of definitions
  • Web development improvements [28:00], including Browser Link for connecting Visual Studio directly to browsers, One ASP.NET
  • Debugging and diagnostics improvements [37:00], including edit and continue in 64-bit projects, managed memory analysis in memory dump files, Performance and Diagnostics hub to centralize analysis tools [44:00], async debugging [51:00]
  • Windows Store app development improvements, including new project templates [40:00], Energy Consumption and XAML UI Responsiveness Analyzers [45:00], new controls in XAML and JavaScript [55:00], enhanced IntelliSense and Go To Definition in XAML files [1:00:00]

Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1:

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    The Discussion

    • dirq

      Why does VS2013 require IE10? That blows! My corporate environment is all at IE8 or IE9, so I'm supposed to not match them and develop for IE10?  And don't say just use the old rendering modes...

      VS2013 must need IE10 to do some of it's fancy debugging, but that should be OPTIONAL. 

    • JohnLudlow

      What happens if you have a keyboard shortcut to a menu item which is provided by an extension? The keyboard shortcut would be synced but not the extension, right? If extension isn't installed on the target box, would it skip the keyboard shortcut? Would it re-sync after I install the extension?

      Also, is there any indication yet which features will be enabled for VS 2013 Premium (since my employers won't pay for Ultimate)?

    • Patrick

      Anyone using < IE10 is an evolutionary roadblock and should be ignored.

    • Andre Vianna

      Hi, I've installed VS2013 to try it out. But I can't see the CodeLens decorations in my code even after a full successful build.

      Does VS2013 CodeLens requires TFS2013? Am I missig some environment setup?

      I did not install TFS2013 yet.

      My project is under TFS2012 Up 2.

      I understand the the last change (user and changeset) information in the decoration must come from TFS but the references and unit testing info should be independent from TFS, right?

    • mk44

      Now I don't want to be picky but what is it with Americans and all of the "hey man", "that's awesome man" etc? Has america morphed into
      a bad episode of Starskey and Hutch. A nation of white middle class Huggy Bears? ;-) Shudder.

    • ZorroX

      Re: [ mk44] - Yes man! (Huggy Bear likes to hear when you are paying attention, man!)

      (Excellent comment - I just had to comment, because I say that all of the time - Have a great day)

    • LyalinDotCom

      @Andre Vianna: For CodeLens to get reference indicators should always work. For Unit Tests, open up Test Explorer and once it finds the tests it will show that Indicator. For Changeset & last modified by you need TFS 2013 Preview (does not yet work with TFService). I hope that helps clear things up

    • LyalinDotCom

      @JohnLudlow: Sorry I am not sure about the keyboard shortcut question around extensions, ill look into it. As for a feature matrix of what new capability is going into what version of Visual Studio, we have put together a list here: (scroll to bottom of the page)

    • Andre Vianna

      @LyalinDotCom:Thanks Lyalin. That's what I expected to happen but thats is not the case. I don't see the references (or any CodeLens at all) in my project. What do I have to do to enable it? I even created a new project from the scratch and no CodeLens are been displayed.

      Is CodeLens an Ultimate only feature or it is available in the Premium version?

      UPDATE: I've just installed the Ultimate Preview version and the CodeLens is now working. So I assume it is an Ultimate only feature (It was not clear in the video). That's is not very good since in my workplace we only have the Premium version. The references were one of the biggest reason to upgrade our environment to VS2013. We have about 40 licenses and upgrade all to Ultimate would not be cost viable. I think Microsoft should consider include that feature in the other "flavors" of VS2013.

    • flav3r

      this is JUST what I wwnted to see (havnt watched the vid yet SO excited)!!!!

    • flav3r

      btw the comment submission on channel 9 website shud be ajaxed based, post back shudnt happen Smiley would be pretty cool if its done.

    • Duncanma

      @flav3r: post backs aren't evil Smiley

      Honestly though, we had the site working that way at one point, but it created issues when a user's authentication had expired and needed to be refreshed when they commented, and was more work around detecting errors in submission... so we decided to stick to the 'normal' way of submitting a form on the web for now.

    • LyalinDotCom

      @Andre Vianna: Thank you Andre I really appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on this and I understand where you are coming from. We are listening and please never hesitate to keep the comments coming.

    • LyalinDotCom

      @flav3r: Awesome I hope you like the video! I also agree the comments could be improved here, I hope there is a chance to do that in future platform upgrades. For now at least the video should resume at the moment you submitted the comment, so you in theory wouldn't loose your place in the playback.

    • JohnLudlow

      @LyalinDotCom:Thanks for the reply. That matrix was what I was looking for.

      Well, what I was looking for was one that had all the cool toys like CodeLense on the edition my employers are willing to pay for. Now I'm frustrated Sad

      Oh, well...

    • digish

      In the video stream. please make the setting so that user can choose the quality of the video getting streamed, instead of auto video quality determination. Some method to over ride the auto quality stream to manual determination of quality of video getting streamed. Something like a drop down or drop up thing.

    • Dan

      I like the new features and look forward to trying it out.

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