The Maker Show: Episode 21 - Building an iOS app for your Garage

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The Discussion

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    I never thought that kind of APP but you really did great job. I was thinking to create useful app for bodybuilding in which you can calculate your muscles and healthy food intake. How much bodybuilding steroids(i.e. Dianabol); you can take and how much growth will be there. 

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    Samuel Oppong

    This is a unique project and a very useful one. I like the simplistic design and I believe that this could be replicated or better developed as a kit for people to pick up and install. Thanks to God for such wisdom He has endowed mankind. Keep up the good work

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    I'm new to Swift and would love some guidance as to how to get your code into the app. I'm not quite sure exactly what files I would need and where to put them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Great Project!

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