The Maker Show: Episode 21 - Building an iOS app for your Garage

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In this episode of The Maker Show, we'll make an internet-connected garage app, GarageOS. We'll start by controlling the doors remotely using a relay and a Particle Photon. Then, we'll build a way to read if the door is open or closed with a magnetic reed switch. Third, we'll build a way to measure parking distance for cars parking in the garage with an ultrasonic ping sensor. This way you don't need to hang a tennis ball in your garage! Finally, we'll wrap it all up in an iOS app using Swift, so we can control our garage and know what's going on from anywhere on the planet.
If you're looking for some practical IoT projects to hack your home, this one is fairly approachable. All the code for the app, firmware and schematic are shared below. Enjoy.
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[00:00] - Teaser
[01:12] - Hardware
[03:08] - Step 1: Open the door
[04:40] - Step 2: Read the door status
[05:56] - Step 3: Read the parking distance
[08:14] - Step 4: Build the firmware
[12:07] - Step 5: Build the iOS app
[16:51] - Bonus: Microsoft Band app
[18:01] - Recap



The Discussion

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    I never thought that kind of APP but you really did great job. I was thinking to create useful app for bodybuilding in which you can calculate your muscles and healthy food intake. How much bodybuilding steroids(i.e. Dianabol); you can take and how much growth will be there. 

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    Samuel Oppong

    This is a unique project and a very useful one. I like the simplistic design and I believe that this could be replicated or better developed as a kit for people to pick up and install. Thanks to God for such wisdom He has endowed mankind. Keep up the good work

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    I'm new to Swift and would love some guidance as to how to get your code into the app. I'm not quite sure exactly what files I would need and where to put them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Great Project!

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