C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (19) Understanding Scope and Utilizing Accessibility Modifiers

Play C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (19) Understanding Scope and Utilizing Accessibility Modifiers

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    I have watched your frist series in 2006 about c# twice (because i didnt know an updated one existed), and this is my second time watching this series, and i did it all in the span of 2 weeks. Im not saying youre a bad teacher Bob, not at all. Im a bad learner with adhd who is determined to know c#, so I rewatch episodes and play back somthing many times if I do t understand a concept. You are a fantastic teacher and for this being a free course online, i dont know what else to say but thank you, I wouldnt have learned if this costed money. I would have attempted to learn on my own and that would lead to me giving up.

    One thing i've noticed is that this second course is allot eaiser to understand than the first one. I'm wondering if one will be created again? I hopefully wont have to watch it but i'm curious why the first course was updated if nothing changed. If i remember correctly every episode introduces the same stuff and you even use the same examples at times. Did you do it so people dont stray away from it because it looks outdated? Or what? Sorry i'm just curious!

    Thanks so much Bob Tabor for this beautiful course. I will definitely reccomend it to my friends who are also considering learning c#!

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    Hello Bob.

    I noticed that you use camelCase when naming private methods rather than PascalCase. This is contrary to what Microsoft suggests; that all methods whether private or public should be in PascalCase. Is this just personal taste or is there reasoning behind this?


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