C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (25) Where to Go from Here

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In this final video, Bob talks about approaches to solving common issues that arise for new software developers, where to turn for help, how to search for answers to technical questions, and how to become part of the .NET community. He also provides a long-term path that you can follow to learn more about developing Windows and web applications.

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The Discussion

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    Hey bob.

    Thank you for this excellent 5 star tutorial series its really easy to understand and a great tool to start with c# programming.

    can i request if you have the time, for a tutorial series on PHP that would be greatly appreciated.



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    Thank you for creating this series. I am working with C# from past 3 years and this series really helped me in brushing up the basics.

    Could you please come up with a series on Windows Azure. Thank you!

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    Hi Bob,

    Thank you so much about those videos, they are so helpfull!!


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    Hi Bob,

    Wonderful effort by you and your team.

    I am unable to find a link to download series source code files. It used to be available for the older version of this series.

    Please help.


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    Great tutorials Bob...i am an absolute beginner at the age of 55 and have been working on a build in C# to a point where i was getting myself into a corner. But after watching these videos, it has given me the confidence boost i needed.

    Very easy to follow your plain language explanations. Even the keyboard shortcuts i didn't know existed.


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    Thank you very much Bob!!

    Great work, very helpful and easy to understand well organised video tutorials!

    Very understandable English for peoples who don't know very well English (like me :) )!


    Best wishes,

    Vahe Vardanyan

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    Thanks Bob.

    These tutorials are great, you have a very clear and concise way of explaining things.

    I have often found in the past that a tutorial will leave out steps and I end up floundering trying to work out what to do but that hasn't been the case with these at all.

    Looking forward to watching some more to grow my knowledge further.

    Thanks again.


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    this is awesome .gain lot of knowledge about c#

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    Thank you Bob for creating these tutorials for us!

    It have helped me (and others) a lot about C# and programming in general, and I intend to use this knowledge to make my very first Windows Phone 8.1 application.

    Again, thank you! :)

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    I suggest you subscribe to bob's http://www.learnvisualstudio.net/
    the course materials are superb and the lifetime membership is really worth it!

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    Great work

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    youssef mostafa

    hi bob ... thanks for this magnificent tutorial ... actually you the best instructor i have ever seen .

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    EXCELLENT !!!!!!! THANK YOU  : )

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    Randy Berry

    I have been programming in VB6 for the last 7 years and am finally making the transition to the .NET framework and was told C# would be better to go with than VB.NET. I had programmed in C numerous years ago, but a colleague suggested your course as a refresher. I enjoyed your teaching method and did learn something in every course. I just wanted to thank you for your time in putting these together. I am 56 and your simplistic approach got through to my aging brain.

    Sincerely, Randy

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    Thank you so much for these tutorials!

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    Thanks Bob this is the exact primer that I had been looking for to get into C# and OO programming. You taught me how to fish. VS on it's own was one of the more complicated applications to understand and this series definitely gave me a clue. I am going to see what else you have :) Thanks a bunch!!


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    Thank you so mush Bob for your generous contributions of these priceless materials and the extremely huge amount of time, time, energy, nerves, and all other resource +++++ that went into this effort. It has been very good to see your facial expressions, gestures, humors,... in that little window which forms a very important aspect of understanding the contents of the materials. We thank God for creating and giving us you in my generation to make cascadable differences in many peoples lives throughout the world using little Windows. Rest assured that the many technologies/applications created and will be created as a result of your contributions will in various ways somehow make the world a better place to live in. Super thanks again, and wish you all the best!

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    Great Job

    Great job done, I really appreciate you the way you done these tutorials. I specially thank you for your last lesson(25:where to go from here), it provides light to the beginners the way it should be.

    so thanks and regards

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    Great Job Bob :) Great tutorials.. nicely managed the load for Beginners.

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    Bob, thanks for the video series. It has helped me understand a lot of these concepts, and it was delivered in a very effective and well thought out way. It is appreciated!!

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    Amazing video series! Thanks Bob and the whole team. Finally I feel like I`m 'out of the woods'. I`m going to go deeper till I master all the concepts. I already work in the Software Development field but I`m learning on my own so it has been a tough hurdle for me, considering that I had no IT background. God bless you. Chido, South Africa.

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    Fantastic. Thank-you.
    You've really lived out the Zig Ziggler quote in the middle lessons.
    I am extremely grateful for this. If there's one thing I could change I wish I'd found this sooner.

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    Superb Tutorials Bob..You have explained all the concepts in crystal clear manner as well as provided shortcuts which were awesome.

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    Thanks a lot Bob for the wonderful tutorial.
    I have learnt a lot in every lesson that you taught.
    God Bless you.

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    Many thanks Bob!

    I started as an absolute beginer and with your help I leanred a lot and enjoyed it!

    Eager for more, my next stop is your website!

    Again, thank you!


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    Thank you so much , I am so comfortable to do stuff , You are a great person , I hope you all the best

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    This is wonderful.

    The series has helped me to brush up on C#. Thank you very much.

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    ameer muhammed

    Is this tutorial will also works on older version of visual studio like 2012.

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    @ameer muhammed: Yes, there might be small changes in where things are in Visual Studio, but you should be able to overcome those tiny cosmetic differences.

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    @BobTabor: And you know, you can get 2013 for free .. in fact, you can install 2013 and 2012 side by side.

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    Thanks bob I was having a problem understanding Code until I used this tutorial your a great teacher

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    Thank you so much for this series, sir.
    Finally, I can delve into programming (a life-long dream). First C#, then my dream program Python. :D

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    Hi Bob, just finished the series and wanted to thank you for the time you put into it ! Keep up the good work sir :)

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    Bob Tabor, I love you! Will you marry me?:}

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    Joe Perez

    Thank You Bob! You just managed to launch, yet another eager follower, into the world of .NET and C# development. This set of 25 lessons for absolute beginners is probably the best introduction I have ever come accross for any language and framework. You are very pedagogically talented and you manage to pack you lesssons with a lot of value for your students. My highest compliments go to you.

    Joe Perez

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    Thank you all for your nice words!  Glad the videos helped.


    I'm already married, but thanks for the proposal.  I will have to decline.  :)

    @Joe Perez:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this very nice note.  Much appreciated.  Good luck to you!

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    Roger Parrett

    Bob... This is the best series I've ever seen. Your conversational style and articulation skills match perfectly with your obvious knowledge and experience. This is easily a 10/10 series. I'm joining your site. Bravo.

    And to all of you new programmers out there... Watching Bob's videos will probably be one of the best investments of time you will make in the first few years of your career.

    Best Regards... Roger

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    Thanks a ton for you Video tutorial!!!! I have not see such a great instructor who could explain and simplify C# so much .

    Can you suggest simple projects to start working on for an absolute beginner like me or any Websites where i can get more information regarding this?

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    Bob You have a great personality i enjoyed your lessons very much i just want to know that after 25 Lectures what next now!!!!!!!! I want to need to learn more please tell me step.... Thank You

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    thnks for this series! awesome starting point.


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    Thank you for the guide Bob. It really helped me a lot now I am one step closer to be a game dev.
    Loves from Turkey.

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    I just finished the last video lecture, and wanted to say thank you, Bob, for a wonderful introduction to C# and programming in general! I'm so glad I started with this set of video lectures! I really appreciated your enthusiasm and logical explanations of so many important concepts. I feel well equipped to go on and learn more about OOP and the various other programming principles you mentioned.
    Thanks again!!! Best wishes to you in all your endeavors. :)

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    Md Rezar Nabi

    Bob many thanks for your valuable tutorial on C# it's a absolutely great tutorials.

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    Thanks for the lessons.im doing the app dev one as well. So much fun and new things. Love it.

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    I much appreciate the part starting from 19:00. I felt that part exactly determines the division of the hobbyist programmer from the professional application developer and I'm afraid without knowing those topics you can't expect to write good (as in maintainable, extensible, reusable) pieces of software.

    I'm in the final spurt of vocational training as a specialist for application development in Germany and to my utmost disappointment none of those matters are being taught in school or at the company I'm working for. :(

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    Hi Bob. Thank you kindly for this course, and exciting my interest in learning programming even further. You will always be remembered as my first (teacher).

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    Thank you very much
    this tutorial help me and show me from where i will start
    Thank You

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    Thank U so much! this tutorial will help me alot.

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    thank you for the amazing tutorial :)
    really helpful for a beginner who knew exactly nothing :)
    i decided to take a look at a book

    what book do you recommend out of the three?note: all the experience i have is from this tutorial :D

    Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework, 6th Edition
    Head First C#, 3rd Edition
    step by step microsoft visual C# 2013

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    Thanks Bob. Great series as always.

    I particularly liked the LINQ and WPF videos.

    Even though I'd never really wanted to build websites or anything like that I may still watch your series on HTML5, CSS and Javascript just to get a good foundation on everything.

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    You have a comprehensive way on explaining the basics in great detail.  Thanks for your free lessons and I'm sure I will see you on your own website for further lessons. 

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    Ibrahim Isiaka

    Hi Mr Bob,
    You have done extraordinarily well. Thanks so much for these videos. I spent 5 years learning to code but with this I realized my mistakes.

  • User profile image
    Samuel Coop

    Great Tutorials. You use alot of fancy words but I don't mind that because It forces you to think. I'll continue to review these tutorials and others in the future. Best of luck on your future endeavors!

  • User profile image

    Thanks for these series Bob. It's been a pleasure learning from you. I hope to see you on your site soon!

  • User profile image

    This series has been an absolute delight, Bob. I'm a retired programmer (C and VB) and have decided to learn C# to keep my brain firing correctly("Use it or lose it"). Your pacing is just right, and your examples lack clutter.

    Please keep the good work up as I know there is a large body of persons who will have to make career changes and thus are considering programming. They cannot, however, afford the three years of college and forfeited income.



  • User profile image

    Like many before me, Thank You for your videos. In fact, one of my friends is teaching me WPF/C# and one of the homework I had, was easily resolved as I had learned the basics from your videos.
    Thanks again

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    Les Dickens

    Thanks so much for this series and the UWP series as well. I am a retired programmer and have worked mainly with COBOL for the last 40 years. I have occasionally dabbled into various forms of C without really understanding what I was doing, but these series have given me much encouragement and confidence to tackle my own pet projects in the future. As VicDaniel said above "Use it or lose it".

    Onwards and upwards.

    Thanks again

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    Bravo Bob, thank you. Great, great approach.

  • User profile image

    Thank you, Bob, for offering an inspiring and fundamental course on C#, which helped me to get used to programming it within 2 days. The best of all, it's free and fun!

  • User profile image

    I will echo a few other people here by saying that his is by far the best beginners course to any programming language that I have come by on the internet.

    thanks a lot for your patience and understanding of us newbies.
    really appreciate the effort you put into this course.


  • User profile image

    You have done a fantastic job with the guides. One step closer to being a Programmer.

    I believe discipline is the reason for the loss of people throughout your series. In no way did I feel you were detracting from the series. Great job, looking forward to more from you.

  • User profile image

    Many thanks Bob - great series of videos. That's a lot of stuff in 25 lessons and a good first step on my journey towards the almost impossibly daunting Microsoft Programming in C# exam.

  • User profile image
    Great work. Relevant for learning even in 2019. Many thanks for really thinking hard about what to teach and how to teach it, and for doing the prep work to deliver it in a structured way. Its great to find such good resources from a natural educator and a really good communicator.
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    Can we (code) build it. Yes we C(#)an!

    Thanks Bob - this was a useful revision for me :)
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    Thank you, Bob!

    This has been a great and exciting course still so relevant as you pointed out in the first video.

    I'm looking forward to diving into more material in the future.


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