C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (09) for Iterations

Play C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (09) for Iterations

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    The next line of code:


    is producing the same result as


    What is the difference, or why we should convert to string?

    I'm sorry if my question looks to elementary.

    Have a nice day.

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    @domitianus: As you'll come to learn, there's no PRACTICAL difference.  We'll cover the reason the second version works when we talk about overloaded methods and how there are 18 different overloads for the WriteLine() method ... each overload taking a different data type (or extra stuff).  Hang in there!  :)

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    Thank you.

    I do hope you have in project a series about MVC 4 or 5, because I really enjoy watching you explaining things the way you do.

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    I'm learning from your lessons and they are excellent!
    After this I'm planning to start learning development for windows phone 8.
    Is there any way to get some certification or similar for this?

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    thanks a lot :).


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    Your tutorials are great.I am just looking for if you have tutorials on windows form.
    If yes please send me a link.

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    Hi Great Explanation

    i Want  to learn more about .net  and C#

    Any free Or paid Sources Available?

    (must be good like this)

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    I want to write code for windowsphone, and I don't know much about c#
    when I finish this lessons, what must I do next ???
    If I wrote something wrong, please forgive me because I am not speak English well :)
    thank you

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    Mark Us

    Hi laiduy98,

    you could use this series of Bob Tabor for learning how to code for windosphone:

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    Forgive me, cause maybe it is just me:  however,  I am watching your screen and mostly code while you are talking; and  if you for instance, use a toolbar icon (command) ... my eyes are still focused on code.  So it took me a while to realize you were using toolbar icons (e.g., step over, step into)  with commands that were not installed on my toolbar when downloaded, so I needed to customize.  At first, I thought you were doing it with your arrows because I am new to this IDE.

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    I am using version 2017 and receive the following error message:

    Error CS0103 The name 'i' does not exist in the current context

    How do i correct it?

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